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Margi Bingley
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Good to see your progress with JFK and 9/11 high priority. Please add 777 to the list of Shadow Government beneficiaries. The intellectual property + potential key man insurance does not justify destroying the rest of the tourists lives. They set out with trusting hearts as did we all. Thank you for caring.
Encouraging to hear your progress. Thanks. Can you add 777 to the list of Shadow Government ops. The intellectual property they have secured with the Freescale employees + key man insurance prospects does not warrant the removal of a plane full of expectant citizens just travelling with trust in their hearts.
What you say is true. Succinctly put: thought/interpretation, speech and action/reaction. In the role of parent, teacher or advisor it is therefore imperative that the implantation of the thought be positive, with kind and meaningful tone. It is time for a social change to the positive. For way too long the messages from those in a position of trust have been deceitful, negative and reflecting self interest disguised as wisdom and religion.
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Feb 27, 2012