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Margo Rose
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Aug 26, 2010
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Aug 4, 2010
Josh, I wanted to stop and read this a second time. I read it when you first posted it. I digested it. I came back to this post again to understand your in depth social network analysis. It's pure genius. I think the people who are flip, and poke fun here are maybe just a little jealous that they aren't bright enough to come up with a brilliant think piece like this. Josh, here's the rub, the hours of empirical analysis that went into this post is astonishing. Very few people have the intellectual capital to even begin to write a post like this. Yes, I love the funny posts by Tim Sackett. I really get a kick out of everything Kris Dunn writes. When you write, I stop, think, and listen to my inner mind. Your writing is not fluffy fun world. Thank goodness it isn't. There's enough of that in our space. What Fistful Of Talent has in you is substance, powerful critical analysis, and courageous strength to go where no one in our industry has gone before. I'd like to see you do a presentation about your theory at a national conference. You are a trail blazer. It is what I respect about you most!
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Every once and a while a star emerges in the sky, and begins to shine brightly. You are that star, and your time to shine has come. You simply must allow me to interview you for my blog Your story must be told, in a way that is both bright and bold. Your twitter pal, @HRMargo
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Mar 11, 2010