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1) Here's a lightning bolt. That British map is a military map from 1776. The clearly delineated Kingsbridge Road leading off north and east is clearly wrong and intended to deceive. The terrain may be largely accurate. But maps and drawings from the early 19th century clearly show a switchback leading to west and south and north again after leaving the tavern. 2) The bottom of the map is not around 110th st but about 102nd St.
Toggle Commented Mar 18, 2011 on 106th St/McGown's Pass at Watercourses
McGowan's Pass is essentially the same as the part of East Drive that descends by the cliffs in a deep s-shaped curve near Harlem Meer. It led to the west, not to the north as in your map. It went by the 1814 blockhouse which is still standing in the North Woods. The Convent buildings were an infirmary in the Civil War, a tavern again afterwards, burned in the 1880s, then rebuilt as a tavern till about 1917.
Toggle Commented Jun 11, 2010 on 106th St/McGown's Pass at Watercourses
No one should ever make any sort of apology in this situation. Either it will look mealymouthed and insincere, or it will seem contemptuously shallow. When forced to answer to complaints, you should say simply that your facts were sound but were misunderstood, or that reasonable minds may differ. And that's it. No more.
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Mar 15, 2010