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Hello, Is it possible to arrange the Tags one after another in the cell and not one below another. Excel is on the left side and ACADE table on the right Please see link: Thanks Dan
Toggle Commented Apr 6, 2014 on Report Tables With Style at AutoCAD Electrical
Hello Pat, You say that acade supports inserting full units. What is the workflow? What i am doing now is building trough Symbol Builder add terminals fixed PLC with description as wire connection and save the block with PLCIO prefix. Is there an easier way? Thanks
Hello, If the customer does not have CFD 2014, how one can get a hold of R1 ? Dan
Hi, Is it free?
Toggle Commented Aug 31, 2012 on Up you get! (Project Sync) at Under the Hood
Hello, We also need FileReserve 2013. Legacy Projects cant be clean any other way. Any chance to have it? Thanks
Toggle Commented Aug 27, 2012 on Inventor File Reserve 2012 at Being Inventive
This is very nice macro, very useful. Maybe this kind of functionality should be added to the Find tool in the browser, Find what Sketch 1 is using or something like that. Very nice indeed. Dan
What I meant was that in Inventor we have VBA editor. Usually I copy paste the code inside VBA in Inventor and then it builds the macro and I can run it. With this code is not working. I thought maybe something special is needed. Thanks Dan
Hello, How can I make this work in Inventor. I am not a VBA expert say the least. Thanks Dan
Hi Did you know Autodesk is sending customers 4 or 5 boxes all the same? One box for Advanced, one for ACIS connection and one for every connection the customer had. Not very green actually and very confusing. You say we need to download only one and i say send just one :) Dan
We love you Rob. Come to Israel and show us the PLM light :) Dan
Toggle Commented Apr 27, 2012 on Observations and Random Thoughts on PLM at Ellipsis
Hi Bob, If you are frustrated what can we the users feel? There are things in Inventor that haven't been updated since version 2010. I am talking about UI consistency,features that are not updated for years like sheet metal and stress analysis. Commands that go to Fusion instead of going to Inventor.Help system you mentioned. I think you have there all kind of kids that play with the software API and don't understand what the users need.I hope I don't come to harsh on them and you get my point. Take a look at the beta site how many enhancement requests where made and how many got inside the new version maybe 4 or 5. Regards, Dan
Good to know,Thanks Do you know if its possible to have the same icon menu on two computers? So two users will se the same blocks or families?
Hi, People feel a lot of stuff are missing form the software. Some examples are : ABB residual current circuit breaker, Schneider residual current circuit breaker, motor soft starter, motor driver frequency controller ,Siemens PLC ET200S, surge arrester. Maybe you have some custom blocks already made for others and we can get them also or a link to a site where we can built them and take the data sheets? Regards,
Toggle Commented Feb 23, 2012 on Make the time to get trained! at AutoCAD Electrical
Yes I understand. We already have a lisp that does that but it can't create excel reports like Electrical.May be you can check this as a wishlist,let electrical count electrical blocks by name block and export to excel. I have a few more questions about electrical. Will it be possible to send you an email? We are the reseller in Israel. Thanks
Thank you for the reply. I also asked a question in the Reports post. I hope you will have time to answer to that also. The issue is urgent for us. Thank you,
Sometimes when I use the circuit builder and I pick the following circuit>> Vertical FVNR->Configure->Motor Setup->Load set to 22kW I click on Done and i get the error: Template drawing markers not replaced with circuit elements will be removed. Are your sure you are done with the circuit? I click on yes and the circuit gets stuck only with wires and no motor and no other components. How to deal with this problem? Thank you Dan
how can we build areport that has no catalog data and also get the sum of the components. For example I have 5 fuses in my circuit and no catalog data. If I build a component report I get 5 rows and not one. Can something be done in this matter? Thanks
Hi, The tool is very nice. I think Extrude or Cut Extrude of multiple profiles in one sketch should be built in as part of the program. It exists in SW for years for a good reason. Please add this feature in INV2013. Better sooner then later, don't forget we have fierce competitors especially in Israel.This little things help us sell the software. Thanks, Dan
From this example we learn a lot of tools. How to extract Moment of Inertia, how to apply forces and constraints. AD you are lucky that the sketch in the example is projected and there are no need for dimensions or else JD would send you the pdf tutorial he sends everybody in the discussion groups. Keep up the good work.
Hey, I am looking for a macro wich can extract iproperties to excel. Do you have something like that? Thanks
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Jul 6, 2011