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Eric Mariacher
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Driverless cars will come in 4 steps: * step 0: today’s self parking feature and Google cars * step 1: partially autonomous driverless cars * step 2: everyone can operate a driverless car * step 3: shared driverless cars “How long end drivers are allowed (technically and legally) not to pay attention to road” will be the most interesting thing to watch for the next 5 to 10 years and especially: * environmental conditions allowing it. * the price of the technical features needed. * reliability.
To reinforce your message I also suggest to make heavy use of Q&A feature of LinkedIn (4th advice). Grow your network while you don't need it 1st advice "Grow your network while you don't need it" 2nd advice "know why you want to network" 3rd advice "get recommendations from current and past colleagues posted on your profile" 4th advice "make heavy use of the Q&A feature (on LinkedIn) or post on forums" 5th advice "never use standard boiler plate templates" when inviting people to connect 6th advice/fact "The more connections you have, the more time you must spend" 7th advice "join yahoo networking groups. You will learn a lot" 8th advice "Read other 2 cents advices" 9th advice "Do not forget other ways of networking"
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Mar 3, 2010