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Thank you, David! I agree with you on a lot of this, and appreciate the well wishes. I'm as curious as anyone to see how it all pans out in this climate. :-)
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Thanks for this, Ken. I love this idea. My high school was close to this - there was no student producer, but there were student directors, students created the programs, manned the box office, built the sets...learned how to do things in theater besides act, some of which they could actually get paid for out in the real world. But I agree with you: take it a step further!
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Agreed, Esther. Then again, maybe reaching out to the adults who HAVEN'T failed them can help - a teacher or parent might be culpable because of inaction, but there might be another relative, a principal, a friend's mom, whatever, who maybe can help. Not always, but at least "tell an adult" reinforces the message that the problem is with the bullies, not the bullied, and that the bullies should be taken to task. Though I also agree about DADT. Sigh.
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Yes. Yes Yes Yes. I fully support luring, seducing, bamboozling, and distracting with humor, heart, sexiness, and general good storytelling in order to sneak in your politics. Because if it's not fun, who cares, other than the people who already cared and won't be changed by your play either way?
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I only just now saw this. Great questions, and thanks for linking! :-)
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Aug 2, 2010