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Interests: Interests are being revised based upon unexpected time demands. Other interests still include ADHD, Attention, Learning Styles, and Attachment Constructs....this is based upon the premise that "other interests" require only expressions of interest and not time commitment.
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Cam, You asked the critical question: why? Ryan is correct in the value disconnect and Doug is accurate in mentioning the lack of incentive to do better which is the result of pricing based upon contract lock-in. But what drives that business model? I think it is metrics similar to the ones used by the automobile oompany in the movie Fight lub. Rather than fix the safety problem that is killing passengers, actuaries determined that it is more profitable to leave the problem and settle the lawsuit versus fixing the problem. I think in places like Sprint that consistently display a complete lack of empathy and respect for the happiness of their customers, there is a department of bean counters who recommend focusing resources in attaining new customers and front end load the the relationship building. In other words...spend like crazy on advertising, promote your product through sign up pricing and tell your customer in the very first encounter that you really have no intention of fixing the problem. So in the old days, you went away angry, called back frequently, and when your contract was over, you went on to the next carrier offering another sign on bonus. Somewhere the numbers said that the costs to acquire, nurture and satisfy customers is far less than the cost to provide a quality product and service for a moment. Then along came social media and the model began to crack. The one customer could post the account to their blog and all of a sudden, those voices were as loud and more compelling that the advertising promises and free phones. For the customer, it became apparent that the free phone and the generous calling plan paled in comparison to bad service, constant billing errors, and out sourced customer support. So, the smart companies will see how the model changes and encourage a differernt bedside manner, quality products and clear clean and consise customer support.
Toggle Commented Jul 13, 2007 on Don't Sprint, Just Walk at ChaosScenario
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So, it looks like there are at least 3 marketing bloggers who are wannabe political venter/bloggers. M
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Cam, Thanks for the trackback...John Edwards does have great hair and that is definitely a part of the political marketing mix, although it didn't really help John Kerry. You are of course right to point out Edward's positions and I do hope that once this thing really gets going we can all get past the style and get to the substance...but right now the race, at least on the democrat's side as told by MSM is all about being a rock star, i.e. the cover of Newsweek. I am thinking maybe a political blog would be fun! Marianne
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Andy, I agree with you...give Dell and every other corporation that tries to blog some space to figure it is no wonder that there is a reluctance for corporations to enter the blogosphere. Marianne
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