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I would so read “The Name Game.” It is my reality! Having had a name that was uncommon in my generation, I have always been a little creeped out when I have to talk to someone sharing my name.
0:36 – 0:39 ”Sometimes … it’s better … ” I was expecting “Sometimes … it’s better … than … the book!”
Toggle Commented Sep 9, 2013 on Trailer: The Giving Tree at bookshelves of doom
Re the first “what kind of reader are you?” link, definitely the “It’s Complicated” reader: I recognize myself in all of those types (except the non-reading ones).
Toggle Commented Sep 5, 2012 on Afternoon links. at bookshelves of doom
How karmic! Just yesterday I had a memory flash of the Rogue’s Ball and human pyramid scene, and I wondered whether I remembered it from a dream I had dreamt or a book I had read. And today it shows up as the sample scene in the audiobook, answering my question. Listening to it now as I write this comment.
Yes, it will be interesting to see whether – as the trailer seems to suggest – the movie just took the animal story and made a film of it. Or if they just made the trailer that way so as not to spoiler the other side of the story.
Toggle Commented Jul 26, 2012 on Life of Pi trailer. at bookshelves of doom
You might still not want to watch/read “Life of Pi”, but actually it’s not exactly an animal story. IMO it‘s got more in common with… SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER | * | * | * | * | * | *| * | * | * | * | * | * ******** OK, here comes the SPOILER—Don’t read on if you didn’t want to know ***** …“Liar” than “Old Yeller”. Just saying.
Toggle Commented Jul 26, 2012 on Life of Pi trailer. at bookshelves of doom
Are you taking suggestions? Let me push Kit Pearson’s “The Guests of War” trilogy at you. The books were good, but not anywhere near ‘best-book-ever’-outstanding, so I was caught by surprise by the force of my emotion at the end of the last book. I can’t think of any other book or series that I so much regretted that they were fictional, so that I‘ll never know what happened to the characters after it ended.
Toggle Commented Jun 30, 2012 on Okay. So who's read... at bookshelves of doom
P.S. I found the article I referred to above. ”The new series will remain a period piece. But in this brave new world, where content needs to be multi-platform and freighted with social media savvy, the producers are already thinking of ways to make Anne relevant in the digital age.“ Whatever that means.
Toggle Commented Jun 12, 2012 on But... but... at bookshelves of doom
This morning I read another article about this story that said the show would “still be a period piece”, but I can’t find the article now. (Brave New World?)
Toggle Commented Jun 11, 2012 on But... but... at bookshelves of doom
Actually it's looking good to me. Plenty of favourite scenes are in the trailer. (Grandma shooting the turkey, Morelli handcuffing Stephanie to the shower…) What I see of Stephanie, Morelli, Ranger, and Lulu don't clash with my imagined versions of them. Only, where's Rex? If Rex is in the movie I'll be happy.
Toggle Commented Sep 28, 2011 on Way to go, Hollywood. at bookshelves of doom
Viz. “The Mouse and His Child” by Russell Hoban (1967): widely (mis)taken to be a children’s book because it‘s about talking toys and animals who have adventures. And die. Hoban has said that he didn’t intend it to be for children, he just wrote the book that was in him, and it happened to be this book which is touching, disturbing and sometimes violent.
“Thanks” also for the link to the USA Today “review”. That was as painful as I imagine the book must be. Only, mercifully, much much shorter. I note that your review made no mention of Theo’s “Chinese-food-eating dog, Judge, [who] rounds out the happy family.” Does this mean that Judge was unobjectionable?! I guess that would leave him as the best-realized character in the book. I join the other commenters above in saluting you for your brave sacrifice.
Just finished this one. It lived up to my expectations, to say the least. “Room for a sequel” is quite the understatement. I can not wait.
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