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@ Lorraine, yes I am sorry.... I scrolled down and saw your name. It was to ashamed. Sorry!!!!
This is to ALL the students who competed, CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL ON A JOB WELL DONE! Not many can stay as dedicated and hard working as these kids do. The practice hours, and school hours they put in. It IS HARD. But they manage to keep in line, good grades and good sportsmanship which begins from good parenting. Lorraine, lets not put these kids down and make excuses as to why Coronado lost or what have you. They ALL put in great time and effort. Onate was great, as was Coronado. But that is why the scoring is left to the judges. They picked Hanks, and so be it. Please allow these kids some respect and dignity for their hard work and dedication. Don't make this something personal. Its clearly obvious who your favorite is, and that's fine. But please don't go putting the kids down and making up stuff because it didn't go to your favor. THEY ALL DID GREAT!!! And as a band parent, you are not teaching these kids anything except that there will always be negative people such as yourself posting this nonsense, instead of placing positive feedback for all. To the Hanks Band.... CONGRATULATIONS!!! You guys deserve it! Hard work and perseverance pays off! ;) Don't let anyone tell you kids otherwise. You all continue to do great, don't pay any matter to other people and their negative feedback. They are simply hating on you all... And that's all good, Words shouldn't hurt you guys or bring you down. What you hold should say it all! You kids are taught and should be taught that winning is not everything. You go out there, do your best and that is it! Be proud, hold your heads up high! And to the CORONADO BAND, GREATEST OF LUCK OUT THERE IN FINALS GUYS!! Bring that # 1 home!
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Nov 6, 2012