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Gisela Zayas
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What cuban child didn't grow up eating rice for lunch and dinner?! Arroz con frijoles, arroz con pollo, arroz con salchicha, arroz con picadillo, and the list goes on! And we wonder why we are carb-o-holics? Our rice cooker was prominently displayed on the kitchen counter. Noche Buena will have all the traditional cuban fare - lechon, yuca, with mojo of course, congri, maduros, ensalada de aguacate, and for dessert all things guava, flan and pastries. My favorite arroz con _____is freshly made white rice with 2 huevos fritos and platanitos maduro - YUMM!!! Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad Marta y Familia!
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Marta, I'm not currently part of the "sandwich generation" but bless those who are. Growing up Cuban in NY, I remember the almost weekly Saturday morning trips to Bergenline Avenue in NJ with my parents to shop, walk around and eat good Cuban food at the end of the day. Back then it was like the NJ version of Calle Ocho. I would get a Cuban sandwich and a Materva or batido. My favorite alternates were the Media Noche or Croqueta Preparada. Although American sandwich shops have tried to imitate the Cuban, there's nothing better than the original... Cuban Bread Mustard Swiss Cheese Sweet Pickle Sweet Ham Roast Pork All pressed into yummy goodness! Buen Provecho :)
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Marta, there is no sweeter sound than that of Taka Taka while you Tiki Tiki with your mami, tia and abuela and get that espumita to perfection! Sometimes I like an afternoon cortadito. Oh and no decaf for this cubanita!
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Sep 29, 2011