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At first review of this, what struck me was the omission of union leaders as an integral part of each component, especially "What needs to get done" and "Marketing." This would include not only teacher unions but support staff as well because they are affected by the technical aspect of implementation. A good person to contact for one-one computers is Leslie Wilson, Director of the One to One Computing Institute in Michigan. Contact information: [email protected]
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Steve, You might consider conducting a survey of staff and/or parents posing some of the ideas from the conference asking which would be most valuable. Another idea is to share the ideas with your PTA and identify some that they agree could be easily implemented and have an impact on improving parent participation/partnerships.
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Janice, These are actually admnistrators that we are working with (not teachers). Necvertheless, the "can do" spirit is important to maintain for all educators. Good to hear from you - send me an email address, Janice, so I can touch base with you in Illinois!
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OK now that we're in to "True Confessions", I have to admit that I, too, went and bought my own Webkinz and logged in! I love the TyGirlz site, Carolyn. Thanks for sharing that.
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OMG, Nancy. This took great courage on your part. I agree that your students will definitely remember this experience and that their principal met the challenge right alongside them. CONGRATULATIONS!!!
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As my dear ol' daddy used to say, "There's nothing common about common sense." Great post, Greg.
Pete, While the focus of our Extreme Makeover: School Edition posts are somewhat different, the point is the same; we better do something quickly and extremely if we have any intent on getting our kids into the 21st century. Thank you for pointing me to your post. I have now added Ed Tech Journey to my bloglines account! Marion
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Terry, I was so intrigued by your post that I started following all the links and ended up spending over two hours reading the reports at the N.C. teacher working conditions survey site ( loooking at the data that has been accumulated and analyzed in the surveys. This is VERY powerful information that should be shared across the country. N.C. Governor Easley's quote tells it all... “Armed with this data, North Carolina will better meet the needs of teachers, and in turn, our students, because teacher working conditions are student learning conditions.” Getting the focus away from what I refer to as "tissue issues" (Is their hot coffee in the teacher's lounge?) to substantive assessment of issues like empowerment, support, decision making and professional development provides truly important information about the impact school leaders have on school improvement. And, clearly indicated by the survey data and analysis, leadership does make a difference. ( page 2) • Leadership was the single greatest predictor of AYP status at the middle school level, more so than school size and teacher retention. For every one point increase on the WorkingConditions Survey results in the area of leadership, middle schools were 6.7 times more likely to achieve AYP. • Leadership was a powerful predictor of whether or not a school had high student achievement at the high school level. High schools were 48 times more likely to be included in one of the top three performance designations for every one point increase on the leadership domain average. Thanks for sharing this valuable information.
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