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Marion Merritt
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I work in music retail and whenever you see a customer with a huge stack of CDs, more than likely they are from our $4.99 or $7.99 bins. It is all back catalog records that cover all genres. It is a great deal for someone looking to replace lost or missing items in their catalogs. We carry about 500 $4.99 and about the same amount of $7.99. Most of all, the customers love going back into their youth and fill in the gaps or the younger customers can take a chance on Jazz/Classical titles and feel grownup and hip.
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Thanks april, just downloaded Spotify. Let the journey begin.
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For a short period,in the late 90s and early 2000s, the coffee shops and bookstores were The Hangout. You could find hipsters, oldsters, artist, anarchist, all fuel by discussions and disagreements about art, music, politics. Strangers became friends. The the chains(which I have nothing against) worked hard to capture that audience and were slightly successful. Then the bookstores that were inviting folks to come and stay, started to take away the comfy chairs, discouraged reading groups and now those chain stores are struggling. Could there be a correlation? Will Apple continue to nurture this Saturday Hangout atmosphere? Who knows?
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I have had my code for about a year. I had read about them about two years ago when QR codes were so hot in Japan. I could not understand, even then, why bands did not use this free service.
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May 11, 2011