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Marion Smith-Waison
Reverse Your Diabetes Coach is the health coaching segment of Marion Smith-Waison, Int’l. We offer individual and group coaching, and retreats for adults whose lives have been touched by Type II Diabetes, and lifestyle related conditions.
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My professional life has taken me from the East Coast to the West Coast to the Far East. During these travels I had the opportunity to do a lot of observing people of different cultures and lifestyles, eating and not... Continue reading
Have you decided to be the central figure in the management of your lifestyle disease?--diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, excessive stress, or depression? Have you agreed that you will not try to do this alone? Diabetes and other associated lifestyle diseases,... Continue reading
The purpose of the messages this month is as follows: To encourage you to see yourself as the central figure in the management of your disease To start sharing ideas on what is required of you as the manager To... Continue reading
Reversing lifestyle diseases, which include diabetes requires discipline and commitment. We are in the position of relinquishing the victim attitude and deciding to become active managers of our health outcomes. There is so much that we can do about changing... Continue reading
Hello Tiffany, I answered you by telephone but I think other people would have liked to hear my response. Actually, lots of diabetics suffer with slow emptying of the gut. Hence fiber would be helpful. Additionally, the fiber mix with fats as they pass through the stomach and hence reduces the amount of fat absorbed. More fat passes through the gut. Hence my expectation it my cholesterol levels would be helped. Now several weeks later with a packet of fiber at the beginning of each meal, my abdomen is flatter and my cholesterol numbers are dropping into a better range. I am also exercising more. Thanks for your comments and questions.
Spices!!!!Yes, cinnamon, cardamon, tumeric, cayenne, ginger, curry, and basil are the top recommendations. I want to do a whole blog or two on that one in May. If you have any other suggestions, let me know. I also recommend lots of legumes--beans, lentils, garbanzos...spice them up in a crock pot overnight and you won't miss eating meat, that much.
Sam. my wish is the same as yours. That is why I have dedicated my coaching work to helping others with the same desires. Let us do it together.
Dear friend, I am so sorry for my delay in responding. I have been out of town taking care of a very sick relative. But here I am. I am going to be doing a series on food very soon. But starting with the basics, I would recommend looking at the site for and Minimize your intake of white carbohydrates--white rice, white potatoes, white pastas, sugar and the like. Certain fruits are better than others. Also, check out the American Diabetes Association recommendations and look out especially for foods with low glycemic that burn slowly. I have also chosen to minimize my intake of meat. It is not absolutely necessary but it a diet low in meats of all kinds is also lower in calories and fats which we want to avoid. More to come in May.
Today, while speaking with my cardiologist, he said something that really caused my ears to perk up. Until now, my Living Consciously messages have focused on defining diabetes, paying close attention to what and when we eat, and media statistics.... Continue reading
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Mar 15, 2010
Discussions for stopping and reversing Diabetes II requires acknowledging the very extensive effects of poor blood sugar control not only on the body but also on life, in general. Some of the most widely known effects are: a shortened lifespan... Continue reading
Today we will look at one of the first steps necessary for reversing not only diabetes but almost every other lifestyle disease. We have talked about changing our mental attitude about the possibility of positive change. You may accaept the... Continue reading
One of the premises that we are working with is that diabetics store excess energy in the form of elevated sugar in blood. That excess is also stored in the form of fat. This fat is not just on the... Continue reading
Discussions for stopping and reversing Diabetes must first acknowledge the every extensive effects of poor blood sugar control on the entire body. Some of the most widely known effects are shortened life span due to heart attacks, stroke, retinopathy (eye... Continue reading
Let us pick up on the comments of the last blog. As your reverse diabetes coach, I would like to chat with the mom and dad who absent-mindedly eat kids left overs. Minimize leftovers and the pushing away of the... Continue reading
I mentioned earlier that Diabetes is a favorite media topic. I want to share with you some of the statistics that make the topic important.To begin with, Diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death nationally. - Incidence of Diabetes... Continue reading