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So here's the thing, I actually had to scroll line by line to read this for fear of a PICTURE of thing surfacing on the page before me.... Adam could tell tell you about the time he and Paulie saved a picture of Paulie's pet tarantula as my screensaver on my PC at the Buck and I ran around the office screaming, refusing to go near my computer until IT wiped the file. Despite the cold, despite the distance between me and mum, one thing I LOVE about living in the arctic circle is that there are NO HUNTSMANS. No need to check every cornice when I return home to an empty house. And no need to keep the vacuum out of the cupboard in case of unwelcome visitors. Great..yet MM
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I am so excited for you all! Just so you know, I check this every day, and read your funny and insightful posts. Best of luck with this new adventure, I look forward to reading about it! Love from the City of Lights M
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Jan 8, 2010