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3. Description of services: In the Internet banking services you can perform almost all operations can be done in a real office, except deposit or withdraw cash. However, some banks are already working on the design of alternatives, such as smart cards employing a microchip to recharge funds through special devices on the computer, and could replace the use of small bills denomination through its acceptance in the trade. The banking transactions from home represents the biggest change in financial institutions since the introduction of ATMs. Common operations that are offered are: New accounts opened; Check balance and recent account statements; Balance inquiries and recent movements in credit cards; Bank Transfers; Consultation rates; Refers to monetary exchange; Consultation stock index (stock market); Requests for checkbooks; Report stolen / lost card; Payments by electronic transfer (credit card payments, bill payment business by special agreements); Advisers and virtual simulators (calculation of monthly loans, calculation of return on investments); Stop payment on checks. These are just some of the most common services offered today, the range of possibilities continues to grow. The real challenge for financial institutions is the design of new and innovative services, including some not available to date in any traditional office. The operation of the service is quite simple. Usually requires an initial contact between the customer and the bank that can be personal or through the site itself or website, and usually involves the execution of a contract or agreement regulating the use of the service. The bank provides the customer with a personal password of a confidential nature, which allows its identification in the system and should be used whenever it wants to access their accounts or transactions through the service. More information on virtual banks. To access the service the customer must visit the site or... Continue reading
Posted Feb 16, 2011 at Marjorie Lettres
The Internet Banking Concept: There are two concepts of Internet banking: First, "A bank that only exists on the internet and has no offices." In this case the operations are conducted exclusively over the Internet. Second, a bank whose offices are physically and have a distribution channel for products and services operating on the internet. This case is currently the most common. " The Definition of Internet Banking: "You can set Internet banking as a set of technological tools that offers a financial institution for its customers to make banking transactions via the computer using your Internet connection." The Internet banking service is based on a web interface or connection that integrates the functionalities of a bank branch. The term Web comes from the English and their translation is red. In addition to defining the overall structure of the network, this word refers to each of the parts of Internet web pages. The website is the distribution channel of Internet banking service. A website is a document whose content is developed in a special programming language called HTML that enables the distribution and exchange of information in different formats like text, video or sound through the Internet. The interface used is connected to the same applications used by bank branches, where the bank has physical offices and ATMs, by allowing the user to perform online transactions over the Internet. Continue reading
Posted Feb 16, 2011 at Marjorie Lettres
Not so long ago, the payment system WebMoney Transfer payment system added Yandex "blacklisted" and thus banned the exchange points to make exchanges in the direction of WebMoney Yandex and on the reverse. MyWebSearch was connected before just the fact that covering such transactions, WebMoney relied to defeat theft titular characters wm and operations of their subsequent legalization. Previously, offenders had a real opportunity to seize control of the user's wallet WebMoney, then using the free exchange point, to convert all the funds from wm - a purse in one of the "unauthorized" e-currencies nowadays. And then convert them back into wm, throwing the other wallets, and take them with impunity. Let me remind you a list of e-currencies, which and to which the system WebMoney Transfer has banned trade their title characters. These include: AlertPay, AlterGold, c-gold, Chebo Money, DeltKey, e-gold, ECUmoney, EDram, Express Gold, ICQMoney, Imoney uah, InoCard, Liberty Reserve, LiqPAY, MoneyMail, NN-Money, Pecunix, PerfectMoney, V-Money, vrs, WebCreds, Wirex, Z-PAYMENT,, Unikarta and now and Yandex. However, despite this, the need for exchange wmu on Yandex is not how much has not diminished. Because only using Yadneks.Dengi, you can almost instantly cashed Not only WebMoney, yes, and almost any other electronic currency. This fact has generated a large number of "black money changers" and scams that, capitalizing on this need, manage to successfully divert the wm have honest users through not Certified purses. As for sharing with your hands "personal certificate is not needed. And anyway, who needs to be blocked by personal certificate for the illegal transaction. And since the action of wm - Arbitration for such kind of purses do not apply, to control their wm simply can not. Oddly, however, on this day, it was still possible under the law to make the exchange Yandex... Continue reading
Posted Feb 6, 2011 at Marjorie Lettres
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Feb 6, 2011