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Your post and every other one like it makes me seethe with anger. Anger at the man who did this to you, anger to whoever raised him to think and behave like that, anger at the society that accepts said behavior and allows it to go unpunished and anger at the police to behave in such a callous and uncaring way. It also makes me desperately want to hand you a glass of wine and tell you it will be ok and that what you did took courage and that every report, even if not followed up on by the police, helps. For what it's worth, and I am sure you've been told this by your friends and family, if this assault lingers and is causing you continued anguish, depression, anger, etc., there's absolutely nothing wrong with speaking to a professional. I hope you can put this behind you and get back to your regularly scheduled life. That man doesn't deserve to continue to have an effect on you.
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Oct 11, 2010