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Excellent Article! I have seen #2 occurring in my meetings with clients. A reoccurring theme seems to be how do we have rapid growth this year? In a meeting just this morning I met with a CEO and I asked " What is your growth objectives for 2017?" He shared sales have been flat to declining for the past 24 months and he really "needs" to see 20%+ growth to catch up and offset rising costs, particularly health care. One of the leading reasons I have observed sales teams are struggling is organizations have failed to stay close to the voice of the customer and adjust. They are using dated value propositions they have used for 15 years and they are not hitting the numbers because their message no longer resonates with buyers today. Sales will spend time as you shared in #1, but I argue it should not be sales but marketing doing this work. As you shared in #2, the CEO now is willing to explore new, out of the box ways to hit his numbers. Thanks again for the thought leadership
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Great Article! Sales has evolved and our teams must as well. If you are still "over coming objections" and not truly will miss your sales growth goals. If you are throwing features and benefits against the wall waiting for a buyer to yell; BINGO I now understand the problems you can solve for will not hit sales growth goals. Emotional intelligence is the key today and will differentiate you. Most people do not understand that you can learn and improve in this area as I shared in a post some time ago Great Article I will be sharing.
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Great Post! When we ask salespeople why they failed to close the sale we often hear price. However having interviewed over 1000 buyers in the last 30 years, rarely is price on the list. Buyers fail to buy when they do not believe the salesperson listened and understood the problem to be sold. Particularly in today's buying environment salespeople must listen to understand and not just listen to reply with some coined , "overcoming objections" training they received.It's about being intentionally agile in your sales and service approach. thanks for a great article I will share
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Great post challenge Myths leaders believe to be true. I share with leaders ; sales super stars do not "just" leave...they leave when their intrinsic needs are not being met and they validate that decision to leave with extrinsic indicators like pay. I share how to attract and keep sales super stars at my post : thanks for the post, I have already shared in in my networks. Mark Allen Roberts
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So true, And based on this shift I would argue we no longer need sales "managers" and now we must have sales "coaches" . Mark
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thanks David, Having worked for teams for just under 30 years, I grew accustomed to being paid for driving sales growth and leading business development. However where I struggle is getting paid to advise others on what is so easy for me. Did you struggle with this as well? if so how did you overcome it? ( teaching what to do vs doing the work) Now people want me to teach them how to do it. And yet very few will do it and they hire me to do the market work. The term "guru" is also a struggle as a big part of what I do is I work hard to humbly approach markets and listen as you taught us to do in your book Tuned In. Speaking with buyers, understanding their problems and a little bit of prayer and I serve people. I teach teams how to apply what we learned and the sales magic happens. thanks again Mark
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When serving becomes an intentional element of your culture ...amazing things happen as discussed in the book Delivering Happiness that I shared in my blog at Make the commitment to service. Mark Allen Roberts
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sales and marketing moving in the direction of a science and move away from being an art, as I discussed in my blog : Mark Allen Roberts
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You have helped 1000's of people, and now a new door opens to serve others in a new way. You are the leader in the persona space and I am sure your clients will value your experience. You are also moving into an area I enjoy most which is ; "don't SELL buyers, help them BUY" Let's stay in touch. Mark Allen Roberts
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Apr 10, 2010