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All part of Linden's continuing efforts to dumb the SL experience down in hopes of getting more sign-ups and 'mainstream' acceptance.
This sham chart brings to mind the Mark Twain quote; "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics." You can run a openlife type server on your PC and have your own grid with hundreds of "regions". That doesn't make it Second Life or even comparable to the Second Life experience.
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This is naked politics taken to the extreme but where is the Herald on the big virtual world stories of the day? For example, the collapse of Metaplace and how the Herald's shilling for them didn't prevent their early demise.
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What kind of journalistic rag is this? You're suppose to REPORT on the protests not join them - report the event, who is supporting, who isn't supporting, reaction from Linden, etc. etc.
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I noticed you DID NOT cite any sources for your STORY. You have started an avalanche of rumor mongering.
Toggle Commented Jun 25, 2009 on Jeff Goldblum at My World
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Appreciate the info on the new viewer what's with the hysterical comment about LibSecondlife and their destructive work O.o
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Right of resale not withstanding, the covenant doesn't need to specify ethical prohibitions such as poaching customers and it appears that's what caused the problem. The estate owner needs to make conditions of resale crystal clear (e.g. transfer of tier), but approaching prospective clients on the estate owner's open lots and trying to get them to buy your resale lot instead of the open lot is poaching.
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