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Hard to say; the S-400 system is deployed at Latakia, and the Russians would be foolish if they were not using it for air surveillance, getting as much operational time on the system under real wartime conditions as possible. Deir ez-Zor is well within its coverage, about 500 km. Target detection range is 600 km. They might not have gotten the A-10's, which would be low, but they should have gotten the F-16s.
Not to mention the OUN flags that appear at virtually every gathering. The OUN was the parent organization of the UPA, the party of Bandera. The OUN advocated violent repression of Polish, Czech and Russian populations to protect Ukrainian 'purity', and they were the moderates. The UPA carried out genocidal attacks against Poles and Jews, murdering 33,771 Jews at Babi Yar, and actively collaborated with the Nazis. The UPA also served as Nazi auxiliary police and as concentration camp guards. According to the Wiesenthal Center, as of January 2011 Ukraine had not ever carried out a single investigation of any local war criminal, much less a prosecution. Why would they? They're proud of it.
In reality, this is an execrable piece of rubbish, and "listening carefully to the few voices like Tom's" forces us - if we are to be in sympathy with his opinion - to assume certain truths: One - The drive to punish Russia is understandable, because it continues to demonstrate aggression in Ukraine and against Europe as an entity, and is complicit in the destruction of MH-17 with the attendant loss of almost 300 innocent lives; Two - We outside Washington and the United States need to be concerned over what America wants to achieve, how it wants to achieve it, and support it in its efforts to subdue and subordinate Russia so that it may achieve its goals; Three - The west, after heaping insults and vilification unjustly upon Russia for no cause, has a right to expect Russia to help fix Ukraine so that it can be an appropriate jewel in Washington's crown; Four - The main reason some of Europe is reluctant to open up the sanctions tap is because they fear for their own business connections, not because there might be doubt over Russia's involvement despite a nonstop shower of American-led propaganda; Five - Russia is no longer dealing from a position of strength, although its alliance with China is solidifying and sanctions have thus far failed to seriously damage its economy; Six - Economic sanctions are a powerful instrument with which to check America's opponents, although there is no evidence they are doing anything of the kind in Russia and have failed to do it any serious damage, and; Seven - While perfectly right to feel moral outrage, westerners should - like America the Good and Decent - master their revulsion and deal with Russia the guilty on some level because we might need it to help us increase our control over our "global priorities", and our awesome power might weaken Russia just a little more than we like. Dear God, get over yourself, Tom Graham. First, there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever, at least none that has been shown yet by The Country That Spies On Everybody, that Russia is "being aggressive" in Ukraine. On the contrary, Russia has sought consistently and repeatedly to get a hearing in the forums of international policymaking and law on the situation in Ukraine. It has just as consistently gotten the brushoff, and in the case of the attack by Ukrainian nationalists on its Embassy in Ukraine, was told point-blank to quit whining. America puts a hand in its face and says be quiet; the adults are talking. All the while, whenever Russia pleads that the Ukrainian government is murdering its own people - a clarion call to a Tomahawk Cruise-Missile convention whenever someone like Assad is alleged to be doing it - in direct violation of Ukraine's own constitution (which expressly forbids use of the military to suppress the exercise of free will by the Ukrainian people, the west sings in an off-key Greek chorus, "The president has a right to defend his country". Oddly enough, Yanukovych had no such right when he was president, and was not even allowed to use his riot police to quell riots: the west screamed for him to withdraw them to their barracks and let the "peaceful protesters" have free run of the streets. Putin has said repeatedly that the solution is a federalized Ukraine that incorporates the Donbass region, and has no interest in annexing the Southeast for the Russian Federation. Meanwhile the west smiles benevolently as Poroshenko smashes almost a third of Ukraine to rubble and kills or drives away a third of his tax base that is going to be needed to pay off IMF loans. I suppose that's why you think Russia should chip in. You know what you can do with your effective and sustainable policy, since it serves only your interests. There is absolutely no reason Russia should be motivated to help the USA get its way, no reason Russia should ever again rely on the mockery that international law has become, and every reason to unite with the rest of the BRICS in bloc opposition to Washington. America has emphatically disqualified itself as a partner, and if Europe had any sense it would see that as well.
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Jul 28, 2014