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Certainly, I just wonder if the word "torture" is even the right one to be thinking about. It reminds me of when Spider-Man works work with Wolverine. When Wolverine threatens to gut a HYDRA goon, how does Spider-Man react? How should Spider-Man react? By reframing this as "allowing Sandman to be threatened" instead of "allowing Sandman to be tortured", I think we can get a much clearer perspective.
This is a little unclear in the comic and in your essay, but does the acid actually cause Sandman any discomfort or pain? I took this scene to mean that Spider-Man was threatening to let Silver Sable kill Sandman, not that Silver Sable was torturing him. Although "threatening to let someone kill you" is probably a form of torture, and it's still a difficult moment, but it's a rather different issue than what is implied when we toss around "torture" cavalierly.
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Jun 3, 2012