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So, perhaps we should pray the Al Mohler joins the PC(USA).
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Mar 15, 2010
Shane: For me, the value of your site is that you are surveying blogs that have a certain "clout." I don't mind if you focus mainly on "big name, high traffic" blogs. They have this status for a reason. Now if you find a "little name, low traffic" blog of significant quality, that would be a plus. But, for me, it's not the main point. I'm going to trust your judgment to highlight blog posts that I would otherwise miss because I don't have the time to survey them all. You may choose to lose the word "Complete" in your subhead. "Select" coverage would be more accurate, not only "selected" by you, but "select" in the sense of "superior."
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Tod, thanks for the link! And happy new year!
Brian: It was great to have you and Stephanie with us at Laity Lodge. Thanks for your outstanding musical leadership. Yes, it will be great to have you back with us.
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