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It's unfortunate that some humor-impaired Phillies fans can't even tell the difference between Minute Maid Park in the clip above and Nationals Park, since so many of them claim to be so intimately familiar with Nationals Park from their many trips to DC. For the record, the Nats have had eight sell-outs so far this year, and they weren't all Phillies games. Heck, even the last Phillies series didn't sell out, and just because you see a sea of red in the stands doesn't mean that's all Phillies. I was at the last series, and we outnumbered you at the games. I guess it's no fun to drive to DC anymore if you aren't guaranteed to see a win or you can now get tickets at home. The Phillies have a long and fabled history, and no one doubts that they will come back from this year. Washington was without a team for 34 years. Those of us who waited in the wilderness for all those years are thrilled to have a team again. It takes decades to build the kind of fan base the Phillies have. Nats attendance is up 28% this year, second only to Miami in terms of the size of the increase.
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Aug 7, 2012