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Mark Manning
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And a poor proof-reader! Sorry, AthEIsts!
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Greta, My thanks! I commend you for some great thought offered in clear and clever writing. Your "Athiest's Wager" is priceless! I have tried to put such insight into words, but your style far surpasses my own abilities. And though you don't often follow your own advice about brevity, I have enjoyed your blog for a few weeks now. As to the very term, "atheist," I have coined something that works better for me. I know you care nothing for the "passionless" middle ground, but I firmly believe in standing above the fray, living a life of meaning without self-identifying as a member of any side of an argument. My new term for myself is, "theo-neutralist." Unlike an "atheist" who is now seen as, "a believer in no god," or "agnostic" who says, "I don't know," my theo-neutral stance is, "I can't know and I don't care!" This present life deserves all our attention as opposed to wasting time trying to qualify for some ethereal, possible future life. I am a believer in humanity.
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Feb 25, 2011