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u, I suppose I could have amended my declaration of Bill and Dave admiration by including mention of the HP Way. For all interested, u's link leads to mucho informative material. Your comment points out a failing of Fiorina in her unwillingness or inability to understand the significance of the HP Way - leading, as you note, to her eventual fall. As for the list: the fact it may have been part of a publicity campaign does not lessen the power of the words or their summarization of much of what the HP Way was about. The list and the principles behind the HP Way remain admirable goals for any endeavor. Thanks, -m
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MIST - nice. M: Bb just purchased MobilEdu, developers of the Stanford and Duke mobile apps - there is potential here and an indicator Bb is aware of the significance of mobile computing. Watch the OSCELOT space - I expect soon we will see some FOSS mobile applications start to appear. I: While Bb 9 will facilitate the integration of external sites I believe the answer here will actually lay in the adoption of open standards and an IMS specification around Learning Tool Interoperability (LTI) - again watch OSCELOT. S: Learning Objects' Fusion product is (IMO) the best social W2.0 application to date which integrates with Bb - as for an observation on public social spaces in T&L see comments in linked article at the end of this comment. T: See my comments in a forthcoming post - in short Ray Henderson is going to bring a bit of fresh air/life to Bb in the form of transparency and openness. And I believe that as NG develops we will see the ability to easily expose content - again check out the following URL. URL:
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Thank you Josh, the eduTech space is complicated and to do it justice (which I barely have begun to do with the above post) is equally complicated. It certainly is clear to me that many arguments do indeed miss the mark and you are correct the solution begins with the identification of strengths and I would add not with weaknesses. I will be including thoughts on how Blackboard in my future posts - not to worry!
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