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Mark Peterson
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Sorry i meant to hit unlisted instead of private. You should be able to see it now.
Instead of me trying to explain it I just made a video. In short, I used the revit add in template and then I am trying to add another panel into the new ribbon tab. I might just be assuming that it is more plug n play then it actually is. Again I am new to C#, so i'm sure I am just doing something obvious wrong. Anyways take a look at let me know what you think. thanks a lot for the help.
So I have been trying to get a new panel added onto a ribbon using the ribbon creator, and I think I may have found an "error" with the code added to the External Application. RibbonPanel panel = _cachedUiCtrApp.CreateRibbonPanel(Guid.NewGuid().ToString()); -should be- RibbonPanel panel = _cachedUiCtrApp.CreateRibbonPanel("Tab Name", Guid.NewGuid().ToString()); I am a noob to C# so correct me if I am wrong or if I missing something else. But for me, adding this was the only way to get the new panel to load into the ribbon. Windows 7 64bit Revit Build:20110916_2132(x64) Update Release 2 Visual Studio 2010 Professional - Student Edition Newest RevitaddinWizard thanks for the cool wizard too. Mark
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