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Mark Prins
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The print tells all has been my motto for quite a number of years. As I read Ctein's latest post I recognized my own digital workflow. New clients bring processed files and when they return they also bring a raw file which I print as my eye tells me. Most of the time the client takes my eye. The digital image is no different than film. Capture to print is a process and my printer is a tool that is always teaching me. Sometimes I get spanked, processing and then printing against the photo editor of a local daily keeps me almost sharp when I like his work better than mine on the same print. I find it is never about what I can do it is about teaching the client to see the print as I do. I am asked sometimes about printing, few believe that you have to lay ink on paper and judge a lot of printing to get that knowledge base of the visual printing clues. My 9880 is as much a tool in my camera bag as my Contax/PhaseOne and Nikon gear. Mark Prins Inanda Images Whitehorse YT
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Feb 16, 2010