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I wonder if the type of sugar (e.g., high-fructose corn syrup) plays a role not only in the intensity of the sugar effect and subsequent compulsion to recapture the experience, but also in the medical consequences. And Kristina, you are so correct that addiction cannot be "cured" in 30, 60, or 120 days; any treatment program or professional that uses the word "cure" is engaging in deceptive/fraudulent marketing. Addiction recovery is an ultra-long-term process for many reasons. For instance, the alteration in brain structure and function that develops with the onset and progression of addiction persists, to some extent, long into abstinence to heighten the vulnerability to relapse. There is increasing recognition of addiction as a chronic illness that, for many of those seeking recovery, is poorly served by the acute care paradigm traditionally used by most treatment centers. As a psychologist, addiction researcher and recovering addict, thank you for all that you do!
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Dec 3, 2012