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And yet BCDOT just presented a budget with $0 for bike lanes for 2019...
Came here to say the same as Crickey - the rendering after the cross section looks just like Carroll Creek in Frederick, which (from the perspective of an occasional visitor and regular beer festival attendee) is a great setup for a public space. I'd love to see a similar treatment in Georgetown.
Given the conflicting signals mentioned above, seems like it would be more logically consistent for trail users to have a flashing red (like a low-volume traffic light, not like a don't walk signal) while drivers have a flashing yellow. Then if you're at the crossing and there are no cars around, or if cars are yielding already, you cross without pressing the button...
The article about Baltimore was a projection from far I think they've managed to add 2-3 of the 30 stations planned for the spring expansion. No word on the cause of the delay. It would be interesting to know whether Columbia is planning to be interoperable with Baltimore since they're using the same vendor.
The Boston paint seems to beg for some guerilla stenciling to say "No excuses - always watch for cyclists and pedestrians" or "Always drive responsibly" or some such.
Toggle Commented Jan 31, 2015 on Bike Lane Graffiti at BikeHacks
I won't comment on the race since it isn't my district - but "ingratiate" bothered me too. Integrate sounds like the right word in the context. But one can hope that the overall effects of increased cycling modeshare would ingratiate cyclists with the driving community...
Toggle Commented Jun 14, 2014 on Doug Duncan's Cycle Montgomery Plan at TheWashCycle
I wonder if CaBi has considered installing stations on a "test" basis; I seem to recall them being reasonably easy to move around. Then when people say "it's going to ruin our neighborhood" they could say "why don't we try it, and let's talk again in 3-6 months"...I feel like by the time the station had been in use for a little while people would forget about it and not be riled up (since it didn't ruin their lives) by the time the review period ended.
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