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Hi Mike, Wouldn't that mean that whatever content you needed would need to be 'transported' to whatever device you're on? and what if i wanted to start a blogpost on my iPad and finish it off on my home PC? what happens when i get a storage error? Bittorrent works well because multiple (parts of) the content are duplicated on user's machines, and you can thus reconstitute the file from multiple sources - which is not quite the same as pushing the content to the edge to work on it. I think the bittorrent model solves the issue of redundancy and scalability for content consumption, but not so much for its elaboration. As for your iPad example, I could just use a Notepad app and copy/paste it into Wordpress when I have connectivity again. Bouncing off someone else's connection still would imply that they have internet connectivity in the same place that you don't...
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Social CRM n'est pas uniquement le suivi des influenceurs, analytique ou non...Il faut aller au délà, ne pas céder à la tentation de prendre ce raccourci qui n'en est pas un. Mieux est de voir les correlations entre les clients dans votre base CRM et leurs activités, multi-et intercanal pour identifier les comportements précurseur à des actions (phase de découverte, risque de churn). D'autres choses à faire est par exemple de regarder où les clients sont actifs sur internet, et voir leurs interactions, décortiquer leurs 'interest & social graphs', comprendre leurs besoins pour mieux préparer les actions à entreprendre... Rien ne vaut la compréhension des besoins et attentes des clients pour y fournir une réponse adaptée. Si ce que l'entreprise ne s'aligne pas, on peut être présent sur les bons sites et essayer de convaincre tous les influenceurs - le résultats sera décevant où ceux qui ont été 'influencés' se rendent compte de la superchérie - et les répercussions peuvent être néfastes car ils peuvent se servir des mêmes outils pour détruire une image de marque en un rien de temps...
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Hi Paul, I always love the stories you tell and the way you bring your message across :) Business Process Management is increasingly showing its shortcomings, especially when dealing with customer needs and expectations. I have been looking at Adaptive Case Management as a wel to inject agility and human discernment into interactions. I think this would be a great approach for adapting companies to the needs of the Social Customer. Cheers, Mark
Hi Mike, I like what you present, it is very complete. One thing I would like to add, is that this take the point of view of the company that has a service or product to sell. I think it would also be interesting to see how these platforms help potential buyers make better informed decisions about who they are going to be dealing with. With this I mean for example the ability to do background checks on the Salesperson, who they are, how they are appreciated, who they have dealt with before. Also, the ability to connect to existing and prospective customers to get experience and insights, and help in making these connections. My 2c Cheers, Mark
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Hi Mike, Even though I think Activity Streams are a good way to get information flowing and collaboration going within an Enterprise (for the the good of the customer I may add to pull in the social CRM view...), I believe the fundamental flaw lies within the synchronous nature of the feed. In an work environment, you cannot expect people to have their eyes riveted to the eventstream with the fear of missing something important to which they need to react. It could be that they're in a meeting, having a coffee, or simply doing the job which they are remunerated for. By the time their back, the event will have disappeared unless it was specifically targeted to them. There needs to be some kind of prioritisation and queue-ing mechanism that decides what the desired outcome is, which event should need to be dealt with by whom, in which manner and with which level of urgency - kind of like when we create support tickets in a CRM system, only more "adaptive". Also, when an exception situation is encountered (such as the employee going to the water cooler for a drink), the same distribution mechanism needs to be aware of this and provide for alternative routes to a satisfacory resolution. Another point to look at is how to measure the consequences of not reacting to an event and subsequent repercussions on how an employee is evaluated. This could lead to a "Fear of the Feed", putting more intense pressure on employees to. be "always connected" lest they miss something. Activity Streams are a step in the right direction but not a panacae for enhancing collaboration. Providing filtered streams to employees in the context to their role and preferred application will deal with some of the issues such as having your concentration on your task at hand broken to take in and digest events that may or may not be irrelevant to you. Furthermore you should have the possibility to queue events, kind of like what you can do in Radian 6 with ticket creation or dispatching direct from the tweetstream. Otherwise people will likely turn back to email because of its asynchronosity - with the risk that important information and insights become inaccessible or not usable in the enterprise context. There are no perfect answers. Even though the vendors add features that add value to previously-ridged processes, I get the feeling that little thought has been given to the sociological consequences of these news ways of organising... Regards, Mark
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Hi Mike, I attended the European edition of E20 Conference held one week before the one in Boston. Although Europe may be behind in E20 adoption, the thought of collaboration for, around and with the customer is becoming more accepted. (I wrote about this and the presentation Esteban Kolsky and I did on the theme here ). btw I also wrote a post about the selection process for Boston here ;) Maybe the Santa Clara edition at the end of the year will see an evolution of thought like what we are starting to see over here. Cheers
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Jun 19, 2010