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Mark Waddington
Ilkley, Yorkshire, England
Former BBC and ITV producer. Now working in schools and other organisations to develop participatory video projects. Production skills trainer including interviewing techniques and video production. For more information visit
Interests: art, videography, photography, family, faith, yorkshire
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On the way up to the terrace gallery at Salts Mill, Saltaire Continue reading
Chairs in a redundant schools in Leeds. Continue reading
The Ilkley Business Forum Summer Showcase last Saturday was my first and I must say I was impressed. What struck me more than anything was the hard work and spirit of co-operation that exists between the businesses in Ilkley. I spent most of the day grabbing quick interviews with stallholders mainly to find out what their experience of the forum has been - all were very positive. I would have liked to have talked more with Rob Whieldon of the University of Leeds Business School. He was very clear that in these tough economic times the local economies can be... Continue reading
Here are a few scenes from the Askwith Show. Very traditional and a great day out. Continue reading
Like this video called Gravity by Filip Piskorzynski. Good idea, intriguing, great mood, bit of a story, music works and technically mysterious. I do spend a certain amount of time rummaging though Vimeo and it's always rewarding. I've begun to notice that Vimeo is becoming a ready source of ideas for TV advertising. Continue reading
Thanks to Richard C for sending a link to a Radio Waves case study (below). Radio Waves is a truly inspiring initiative designed to provide an environment for learning which goes far beyond radio. When I was a student at Prince Henry's Grammar School in Yorkshire I built and set up a radio station with some friends. I learned more from that than almost anything else. At Rockingham Primary School the children are fully involved in setting up their station and running the show. This ownership of the project is a superb opportunity for building confidence. As soon as the... Continue reading
It seems to me that the time devoted to learning the details of technical systems and endless software packages should not be at the expense of more fundamental technologies. Digital technology is a odd thing. We'd like to be able to do without it but we are strangely in its spell. Enchanted by the iPad or captivated by Facebook. In my ideal world we would be on a beach somewhere or on a mountain top with a few chosen friends enjoying the absence of all this. But it gets interesting, and paradoxical to think we might be using technology itself... Continue reading
I love the Diamond Jubilee song's film. In this video Sheffield based Producer Eliot Kennedy is in conversation with The Star newspaper's digital editor, Graham Walker. They went round the world recording the song on a small Zoom audio recorder mixing it as they went. What a great experience that must have been. Continue reading
I'm reading about the Rochdale grooming trial as I'm editing a short film on the subject to be shown in Sheffield. Sheffield, thankfully, is tackling the issue but it amazes me that trafficking teenagers as young as 13 for sex really goes on, and that legal recognition of such crimes in this country seems late in developing. We have been talking with boys and service providers to gauge the experience of these crimes and the risks to our young people. The feeling I get is that it's not uncommon, but due to extreme violence and intimidation very few young people... Continue reading
On the train to Sheffield thinking I must blog more spontaneously. So here's a snap of a playground at Out Lady of Victories School in Keighley. The images on the wall aret 1metre x 1metre prints on Perspex. I took them for Amy Heild who's project it is. She asked me to take detail shots of children's activities to help make the outdoor space more stimulating. Although my snap on the phone doesn't do justice, I think it's a great idea. I think for anyone who wants to bring an identity to a space this is a good thing to... Continue reading
I've been having a quick look at ITV News live news stream. This is the "radical" new presentation of her news for the web age; ITV breaking free of traditional TV, print and multipage websites. You can read the story of the revamp here on the Made for Many blog. The way it's described sounds revolutionary but it appears to be a set of blogs organised according to location or topic. It's bloggyness is confirmed by the use of vimeo embedded video stories. They say that multiple sources, not necessarily from ITV, will be curated by editors (or perhaps edited... Continue reading
Camera: Canon EOS 350D Digital, Exposure: 0.005 sec (1/200), Aperture: f/5.6, Focal Length: 10 mm, ISO Speed: 200 Continue reading
I'm keeping this typepad location for my blog going for a bit, but moving to wordpress and publishing posts to both for a short while. Find the new location here Continue reading
I'm at the Woodhouse Community Centre this morning where two church groups are meeting. Both of the groups are taking a step of faith in that they are very new and very small in number - but with a hope that they can grow and serve the local community. One of the groups is the new The House of Prayer which books the main hall from 10am each Sunday, but it's just the two of them and their son. The House of Prayer Community Church is the vision of Gary and Dorothy Thomas. They say their faith and vision is... Continue reading
Just had word from Richard Crook about Pocket Praise for iPhone. Pocket Praise is part of the Praise Pod family, a brilliant idea to reward children for good behaviour This is a brilliant use of technology to encourage children and make them feel valued and capable. Go to the Apps Store Description Pocket praise takes sticker charts to another level. With this app you can create a multimedia reward chart, capture good behaviours as a photo or movie then watch again and share successes with family and friends. A sticker has always put smiles on faces and helped promote good... Continue reading
Where we live in Yorkshire is surrounded by hills which I find protective and always beautiful. However when we visit Deborah's home territory the thing that always strikes me is the wide space. The sky seems much bigger and the land less so. This is Poole in Dorset just a few moments walk down the cliff steps from the in-laws. Continue reading
Had an interesting afternoon at Kadugli House in Steeton yesterday at the Bradford diocesan centre for the Church of England. I was there on behalf of All Saint's Church, Ilkley. The session was led by Bryony Taylor social media manager at Reach Further Feedback from the group suggested that there were fears about embracing social media as a corporate communication tool - mostly around the flood of information that is difficult to assimilate or control. The Bishop of Bradford made it very clear that it was easy to lose control and how vital it is that churches become adept at... Continue reading
Following on from yesterday's post, The Eden Project has a good article about using social media for community consultation and neighbourhood planning. They say facebook is a great way to initiate a debate, and while old media is still valuable, social media may provide a more comfortable environmnet for some contributors. The use of news snippets and online photos can encourage a sense of identity and local pride. Because twitter and facebook are real time spontaneous media the debate can be moved on quickly. Social media can widen networks and reach decision makers. No substiture for house to house Start... Continue reading
Interesting article in the Guardian about the use of blogs by large companies. Readers want a named writer who they can trust. They are looking for an angle. Continue reading
Busy day today at The Woodhouse Community Centre in Leeds. The Oblong refurbishment is almost complete and the centre opens for business on Monday, but there are piles of things still to be sorted out. A monumental task. As part of our commitment to funders we will be developing the Media Collective to dream up new ways of supporting communities through multimedia communication. We are aware that having a website or a Facebook page is ok but that we need to be thinking much more creatively about how we use a whole range of technologies and new ideas. Next Wednesday... Continue reading
Salts Mill, Saltaire. Home of Pace Electronics and David Hockney gallery Canon EOS 350D DIGITAL: f/5: 1/40": 17.0mm: ISO 1600 Continue reading