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Mark W.
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Fantastic article Richard!!! What was the actual address of the LG. I'd like to explore the area in Google Maps! :)
Hey Richard, Thanks for this post! Found this on Google at: $5.99!!! Going to get it today! :) -Mark
This is fantastic!!! Richard, is #11 in the works?
Go Glass Piano!!! I just can't get enough of The Complete Piano Etudes!!! I've heard 1-10 many, many times, but 11-20 are absolutely new and amazing to me. Bravo Philip Bravo!
Great interview Richard and Philip!!! Looking forward to the recording! Philip, we need you to perform in Chicago! Please?
Very cool!!! Wish I still had a turn table! :) Love the art by Don!
Wow, the music sounds awesome!!! I also like the concept of what they are doing with this work based on the video clip.
Toggle Commented Jul 22, 2014 on "What the hell is going on?" at Glass Notes
An awesome recording at an awesome price! I agree, some parts are much clearer than in previous recordings. I really love the full orchestra! Great job Philip and Company!!!
Christmas came early!!! This is wonderful. Just listened to the Overture for a while and it sounds great!!!