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Bay Area, California
Productivity and Life Balance Coach for Writers.
Interests: life coaching, hiking, writing, singing jazz, mothering my toddler-baby
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Is your writing life or career brimming with creativity, vitality and forward momentum? This past month I've talked to three people whose writing careers were so stuck that they started to cry when they spoke to me about the pain of not writing their books or working in dull, dull... Continue reading
Posted Mar 19, 2013 at The Relaxed Writer
by Marla Beck, MFA, CTACC Click here to watch video. The other day a colleague shared with me a story. She had a big project coming up. And although she was nervous, she decided that everything would unfold with ease and grace…and it did. She got the results she wanted... Continue reading
Posted Jan 31, 2013 at The Relaxed Writer
Yesterday I offered an inspiring, info-packed teleclass for freelance writers. People are still writing in to tell me how much they appreciated the simple model and practical tips I shared: Did you miss it? There's still time to grab a free recording of the one-hour class, but you need to... Continue reading
Posted Jan 25, 2013 at The Relaxed Writer
Freelance writers, are you ready to create the writing income, assignments, challenge and variety you truly want? Continue reading
Posted Jan 22, 2013 at The Relaxed Writer
by Marla Beck, MFA, CTACC Recently I coached several mom writers who decided that they were too lazy to achieve their writing goals. When I heard their stories and harsh self-judgments, it really broke my heart. I wasn't convinced they were "lazy" at all. And I'm not convinced you are,... Continue reading
Posted Jan 16, 2013 at The Relaxed Writer
by Marla Beck, MFA, CTACC Are you keeping yourself small to keep others comfortable? It takes guts to write when you know it'll make people around you uncomfortable. Click PLAY for practical tips and inspiration to help you deal with pushback from people you love. Have you ever lost a... Continue reading
Posted Jan 7, 2013 at The Relaxed Writer
“Just as a painter needs light in order to put the finishing touches to his picture, so I need an inner light, which I feel I never have enough of in the autumn.” -- Leo Tolstoy Artists and yogis alike speak of the power of "inner light" -- a subtle... Continue reading
Posted Dec 17, 2012 at The Relaxed Writer
I'll bet that sometime this week you'll find yourself in the checkout line of your local grocery store. (Yep, even writers need to eat.) So…how can you stimulate your creativity and stay connected to your writing life as you navigate life's mundane responsibilities? Here are a couple of tips to... Continue reading
Posted Nov 26, 2012 at The Relaxed Writer
If you've ever found yourself working on a dream writing project -- your novel, the book proposal, the dream-assignment pitch, and you're stuck as heck..."productivity" isn't the answer. Continue reading
Posted Apr 17, 2012 at The Relaxed Writer
Shortly after I got my Macbook Air, my laptop strap folded and twisted itself inside the pocket that holds the shoulder pad. And almost daily for months, I've been aware that the pad that's supposed to cushion my shoulder has NOT been doing its job. And what have I done... Continue reading
Posted Feb 9, 2012 at The Relaxed Writer
Given your writing abilities and potential, how can you enjoy your writing more today? My suggestions are simple: find silence. And use your words for good. Continue reading
Posted Dec 5, 2011 at The Relaxed Writer
It's much easier to choose writing over sweater shopping when you've made some progress with your writing project. Here's how to create momentum with your writing project. Continue reading
Posted Dec 1, 2011 at The Relaxed Writer
A rather radical proposition, I know. But how could you apply "Create, Don't Consume" to your writing life this holiday season? Continue reading
Posted Nov 29, 2011 at The Relaxed Writer
Amidst the hustle and fun, how do you stay on track with your writing projects during the holidays? Continue reading
Posted Nov 28, 2011 at The Relaxed Writer
I'm not promising your obstacles will melt away magically. But a heart filled with gratitude has a little more agility, a little more ability to move freely and respond to life in helpful ways. Continue reading
Posted Nov 23, 2011 at The Relaxed Writer
No matter how you want to use your time, I've created an inspiring, practical and effective coaching program to help you get your writing DONE before the new year. Continue reading
Posted Nov 21, 2011 at The Relaxed Writer
Do you have an inventory of almost-done writing projects? (Most of us do.) This take action challenge is for you! Continue reading
Posted Nov 16, 2011 at The Relaxed Writer
A few announcements for you today: Learn More About Overwhelm and Freelancing: Today Linda Formichelli published "Are You an Overwhelmed Freelancer? Marla Beck Tells You How to Beat the Overwhelm and Kick Butt" today, an interview with me over at her excellent blog for writers, The Renegade Writer. Read about... Continue reading
Posted Nov 14, 2011 at The Relaxed Writer
What a beautiful post, Louise. That baker & bird anecdote? Wow. I love your sense of humor and have been a fan of your blog for years, so I'm going to really miss Thoughts Happen. But it's great to hear you're pursuing a topic you love to write about, and I have no doubt that you'll be weaving "kindness," "curiosity" and "humor" into the new writing, as well. Congratulations, again!
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NaNoWriMo isn't the right writing structure for everyone. Read on for 3 reasons NaNoWriMo may NOT be right for you. Continue reading
Posted Oct 20, 2011 at The Relaxed Writer
What's stopping you from pitching? A writing career you love is within reach, but you do need to take decisive action. Continue reading
Posted Oct 17, 2011 at The Relaxed Writer
Welcome, Renegade Writers! What a treat to guest-publish "3 Pitfalls that Keep Freelancers from Landing Better Writing Assignments" on Linda Formichelli's award-winning blog for writers today. Glad you're here! --- News Update: the "Two Days to Write" forum is already under way and our first group call is on Wednesday.... Continue reading
Posted Oct 13, 2011 at The Relaxed Writer
Many of my private coaching clients are making plans to log in some extra writing hours before the holidays. Are you? Here are some ideas to help you discern whether a writing retreat or writing intensive is the best option for you. Janet's Writing Retreat Janet packs her bags for... Continue reading
Posted Oct 11, 2011 at The Relaxed Writer
You can start going for your big writing dreams right now, right here in the midst of your ordinary life. Continue reading
Posted Sep 30, 2011 at The Relaxed Writer
Posted Aug 17, 2011 at The Relaxed Writer