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CHILDREN (CHILDREN!) WERE TJE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE IN THE THEATER TO SEE "THE LION KING". My hate for islam, for muslims and especially for arab muslims, runneth over. G-d forgive me.
ILLEGAL IS ILLEGAL - period! Let's count the percentage of criminals in each subversive group. Coming off Pamela's well made point above, if these illegal protesters loved America so much, why don't they try to come here legally? Oh, they wouldn't be acceptable? Well then, get the hell out. If you're here illegally and you don't qualify to be here legally, then how did you get your freakin' permit to demonstrate? Oh I know - from a mexican congressman for the mexicans; from a muslim congressman for the muslims; from an asian congressman for the asians, etc. That makes this whole event discriminatory and in violation of our hate crimes law. Well then, get the hell out and take our congress with you!
Toggle Commented May 2, 2010 on Pro-Illegal Immigration Rally NYC at Atlas Shrugs
I've been getting my news from the I-Blogs, as therapy, ever since I broke an expensive TV during an uncontrollable rage of shoe throwing at another newlesscast of idiotic spin a child wouldn't believe. While I continue to buy newspapers, my quarters aren't enough to keep the good ones in business. Thus, TV and the free Internet stuff I wouldn't pay for bombard our senses senseless. Fortunately, there are many, many EXCELLENT Blog sites on the Internet. Unfortunately, I haven't read a novel in a long time - at least, let's see...when the dems put up o to run for president..over a year ago? Guess I'll stop over at canadafreepress for the countdown. I'll be back...
Must be Harvard graduates - the mindless and the spineless. Heck, I thought it was a crop circle! Now I see, it's just a crap circle. I'm too embarrassed to travel abroad these days. ACHILLES: LOL!
Toggle Commented Apr 29, 2010 on Perception vs. Reality at Atlas Shrugs
" what end?" - TO OUR END. Of everything American, White, Conservative, Conservative Black, Jewish, Christian, and righteous in the eyes of G-d. Only those in the image of hussein obama may apply.
DISPARAGE THIS, YOU EVIL, TREASONOUS IDIOTS! But not to worry, Ms. Geller. You'll get another chance when islam comes out with a trademarked slur against christians and Jew - then you can cite precedence.
Toggle Commented Apr 29, 2010 on SIOA Trademark Sharia Enforcement at Atlas Shrugs
If I could get a blog started, which I would call I-BARF, I would headline it with THIS article. The only thing these people do in public is hide - behind veils, behind "religion", and behind their behinds. Don't need to look at them anyway - they smell from a distance. And just what kind of "entrepreneurships" is obamanable giving away at OUR expense? Edible korans? Scratch and smell picture books of little girls? (I disgust myself, but had to say it anyway - closer to the truth than not). Interactive animations of little boys? Instruction manuals on how to beat, revive and beat again your wives? Pet stores of goats and sheep DOIN' IT? Toy shops? Boy shops? G-Oy shops?
New Jersey??? WHO CARES!!! Absolutely NOTHING that I read is from New Jersey. The difference between today's "journalist" and a top-notch blogger (like PAMELA GELLER and BareNakedIslam and Jihad Watch, etc.) is the difference between a G-d ordained prophet and a liar. Truth, coverage, investigation, documentation and an absence of dim-witted bantering is the domain of our dearly beloved bloggers. The "journalists"? Haha - what a joke.
You put the good things on the right and what's left, you throw away. "Comedy" Central sucks and I don't care what they say. They're ALL in the same pot of poop that I would just as soon ignore. It's bad enough I have to smell American muslims; I don't have to smell their friends too.
RODNEY MAKES A GOOD POINT. First, we jail the imposter in THIS criminal case. Then, after demanding his real birth records during discovery, we hang him for treason.
Since when does a minority of small minds and big mouths rule the majority? Oh, I know - since this misguided country voted not only for a muslim president, but for a terminally liberal congress. Now, all the little dhimmi progressives come out of the woodwork and say "BOO"! And giants among us jump? This is NOT normal. We have, without a doubt, as a country, been supernaturally CURSED! Instead of listening to the people who make sense, we now listen to the people who make change! CHANGE - from reality to denial; from a job to unemployment; from freedom to tyranny; from democrats to marxists; and from freedom of speech for all to freedom of speech for some. @#$%^&*()_+!
DOES MR. HUSSEIN INTEND TO USE THESE TERRORISTS AGAINST US - when the time comes, of course??? A government-sponsored jail break when it's convenient? Will they be further instructed to attack WHITES ONLY? To target Christians and Jews? AND WILL HE BOW TO CAPTURED "SENIOR AL QAEDA" MEMBERS?
TO LAURA LIEBMAN: When you want to "add" to any of Pamela's articles, try contacting her directly. She's more intellectually responsive than you are. Your comment was very rude - so here's some at ya! Additionally, I read the stupid article. Pamela didn't need it. She made her point, as usual.
Toggle Commented Apr 18, 2010 on Obama's Stone Age at Atlas Shrugs
THANK YOU, MR. RUSH! For your outrage. For your honesty. For your clarify. For your conscience. For your calling it like it is. And most of all, THANK YOU MR. RUSH for your courage.
Toggle Commented Apr 17, 2010 on What a Rush! at Atlas Shrugs
Low life syria just wants something. Probably just more rhetorecktum to get some more appeasement, weapons and support from obamanable. And besides, just what the hell IS America's response anyway? I haven't read anything that gives a damn. Yes, I do believe Israel will have to fight another war and I do believe that the U.S. of allah will just sit back and watch... Lastly, what's $150 oil compared to one Israeli's life? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING
WE'VE GOT A FREAKIN' ILLEGAL IN THE WHITE HOUSE! WE'RE LEGALIZING ILLEGALS ANYWAY! THIS IS THE MOST EVIL HYPOCRISY ON OUR GOVERNMENT'S AGENDA. Will Mr. Rabashkin's sentence be terminated once the same illegals he hired become legal? Don't count on it. We've sentenced convicted terrorists to limited terms. We've sentenced child killers to limited terms. This sentence is incompatible with sentencing in much worse cases. Just who are the USDC of the Northern District of Iowa's prosecutors? What's the history of their prior cases to date? I bet a lot of dirt could be found to disqualify them and retry Mr. Rabashkin. Like Tevya said: "If I were a rich man..." - I'd fight this dirty deal in the dirtiest possible way. I'd sling their crap right back at them. Like "Alexander" (a child's book hero) said: "This is s really bad, worst, most horrible day." Barenaked just received a letter/notice from the Federal Bureau of islam, calling him a "sovereign citizen" and connoting the threat that a "sovereign citizen" is being considered a criminal. Woe Is Us!
That's okay. A finger is all he's got. A little man pointing his finger at a big man capable of biting off his head? Oy! Muslobama is just trying to even the playing field. These pictures show him for the fool he is. Remember, this is the finger he picks his nose with (and probably also scratches his seat-of-power with it). The man just oozes stench from both ends.
Wow. I'm printing this absolutely wonderful letter, mounting it and hanging it on my wall. I will also include Shoshana's statement underneath it. I'm so-o-o proud. Thank you Atlas. TO SHOSANA: "Jerusalem is Jewish for Eternity. Amen". Ah, Shoshana - so beautifully poetic. Your statement warmed my heart. Thank you. TO ELIEZER BEN ISRAEL: Remember the words and promises of G-d: "Comfort ye, My people..." "Jerusalem will be a stumbling block for all nations..." "I will bring your enemies against you..." "I will bring you back to YOUR land..." "...and you will be My people and I will be your G-d..." "...and I, Your G-d, will slay them." Bring it on evil world, bring it on.
Toggle Commented Apr 13, 2010 on Just for knowing at Atlas Shrugs
Hmmm...I wonder. Is there a sinister agenda to hide illegal aliens in the OVER count?
Toggle Commented Apr 13, 2010 on And then there were four ........... at Atlas Shrugs
It only hurts when I laugh. Remember the movies, Part I and 2 (I forgot the title but it had the word "G-d" in it) where the Bushman found a Coke bottle and thought it came from heaven? What a hoot! So's ahMADdinejabYA. So much for the madman's rhetoric about "peaceful" nuclear tech. Such a small man and no one will spend the money to take him down. What a piece of work we human beings are. Like Aldous Huxley said: "Man proud man, cast such hopes to High Heaven that makes the Angels weep." TO CARMEN: "...nuclear devices will go off in mecca". I'm with you. Every time the MSManiacs cover the story of mecca, with their tempting photographs, I imagine an enormous explosion and POOF the magic dragon. But muslobama is not with us and he's our golden calf these long, suffering days... Even Sarkozy has no kajunas. Even Britain has no brains. Even Spain is in denial. Etc. Only Israel has what it takes. Some people, however, are saying that Israel SHOULD pre-empt Iran. However, before pushing them in front of the bus, I DEMAND that they make damn sure Israel is fully armed and supported - OR JUST SHUT UP and wait your turn in line - behind Israel and behind America because they WILL come for you next.
PAMELA GELLER FOR PRESIDENT! Pleae run for office. While it will hurt not having your articles, such words backed up by such action would be worth it. I might add, it's the ONLY thing that would be worth it, for 8 years. Ouch. But I am not wavering. YOUR platform is what America needs. YOUR strength is what America needs. YOUR intelligence is what America needs. YOUR knowledge is what America needs. We NEED you Pamela - get your feet wet. We are ALL with you. And by the way, remember that Jewish Lieberman got 500,000 more votes than Bush. And the way our Jews-for-obama are feeling these days, I'd bet you could count on them too. Try it - you'll like it.
Of course it takes one to know one. Almost ALL world leaders are insane today. Nu?
"We're still working on our democracy"??? It wasn't broken! What he means is that he must break it to "fix" it. What he's actually done is break everything he can so that it CAN'T be fixed! He's got more hands than brains. Wish he'd keep them clean and out of our pockets, our private lives, our schools, our churches, our small businesses, our health, our healthcare, our natural resources, our State sovereignty, our guns, our textbooks, our press, our sex lives, our food pantrys, our waterways, our military, our liberties, our freedoms, our children's vulnerabilities and especially - our constitution.
The EU is dirt under my feet. The UN is what I flush down the toilet. The United States of obama's America will be mud if it joins their ranks. For America to receive such praise from such evil enemies means America is doing something terminally wrong. When the "palestinian" drek hits the fan, I'm moving to Israel, where I'll be safe in G-d's hands. The UN was set up to legitimize radical arab countries. The EU is set up for the New World Order. Palestine is being set up on their own petard. Israel is set up by G-d. So who will stand? My bets are on Israel. Further, it's schizophrenic reading about Netanyahu taking two steps forward and one step back. I just read that construction in Jerusalem has been ordered to cease. I hope it's just rhetoric - and temporary. Netanyahu is extremely intelligent and knows that two steps forward and one step back is still a net step forward for Israel. I pray that Israel's citizens continue to support him and not buy into the necessary gibberish world leaders engage in these days. In the final analysis, Israel was born, Israel exists, Israel thrives and Israel has finally discovered one of G-d's many promises: massive oil and gas reserves. Remember, it was Netanyahu who kept Israel financially afloat during bad economic times - both before he took office and since. He is a blessing to Israel. While on the other hand, muslim obama is a curse upon America.