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Marlene Stein
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And BTW, I bought a new Roku2 about 6 weeks ago to get the subtitles option, and guess what? There's been a continuing, and worsening, problem with subtitles on Roku, which Roku blames on Netflix. No ETA for resolution, and more and more films are losing the ability to stream subtitles, despite having the option available. What a disaster.
This confirms the suspicion I've had since the pricing change that Netflix plans on selling "Qwikster" quite soon, probably within a year, and will focus solely on streaming. They believe that mailing DVDs is a busines that only appeals to older viewers and are concerned about the Postal Service's ability to perform, so from a business point of view, it makes sense to focus solely on streaming. Well, it was nice when it lasted, but if you like DVDs by mail, be prepared for some pain down the road, as the new company will raise prices and you have to wait longer and longer for delivery, as the Postal Service declines.
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Sep 19, 2011