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Marlene Taylor
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We moved out to the country and are unable to get DSL or Comcast HSI (high speed internet). Therefore we thought Hughes would be the solution to our Netflix streaming problems as we didn't think dial-up could handle it. Boy were we wrong. Any movie may start to buffer it's download from the streaming menu of Netflix, however it never does actually play, returning to the main screen saying there is not enough internet connection. Mind you, we are on the Pro Plus plan of 79.99, not just the low Home plan. If we could get anything else we would, but we're stuck with satellite as the solution versus dial-up for our new country home. Even when we lived closer to a large city we could at least get DSL when we couldn't get Comcast and used to feel gypped that way. Oh well, take what you can get. We're now downgrading our Netflix plan to eliminate the ability to instant watch and stick with just getting dvds by mail. Recommendation: Keep DSL or Comcast for Netflix instant watching.
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Dec 12, 2009