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When I was young an Alanis Morriset song had the lyrics "it's not fair to deny me the cross I bear that you gave to me" & I thought the exact same thing "cross-eyed bear" I always pictured her boyfriend taking back a stuffed animal he had given her. To this day I still sing it wrong on accident!
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oh my how that made me laugh so hard! Makes me think of when my 3 yr old says "I'm mad at you I'm going to take a nap!" (apparently time out for me is time without her presence lol)
Toggle Commented Nov 2, 2011 on cute misunderstandings at Crappy Pictures
Once my daughter (3yo) made up a song about having a boyfriend & & how boys think she's pretty..where she got this from I have no clue...anyway I explained to her that her song was cute but that she was far too little to have a boyfriend and she said "no mom it's ok the boys I like are little like me" and held out her hand above her head to show how tall they are. Oy vey! *palms face*
Toggle Commented Nov 2, 2011 on cute misunderstandings at Crappy Pictures
If I lay the crackers on a table or highchair my son will throw it all on the floor...then eat it off the a dog on his hands and knees even though we don't have one, and then my 3yo will say "momma! can I do that too!?" And that's on the days he'll actually eat food. He'd much rather empty his plate and chew on it, eat dirt or chew on our guests shoes. (once again I have no clue where he gets his puppy tendencies)
My DD went through that at age 2 also...pick up this, come here, stop that...all met with a smile and "no thank you mommy" if I asked again more sternly she'd say "but I used good manners mommy" *sigh*
Oh I experienced something similar today, except my 16 month old kept spitting chewed onion rings onto my plate to get a new one. As if it would taste different!
In my house I am constantly saying "I am not a trash can" and "I am not a table" and it neve goes in my hand. My kids put everything in my lap, their trash, their cups, their toys, their discarded food that they decided did not taste good...unless of course I happen to be eating something then it goes on my plate. And it does not matter how close daddy is they will leave him to find me *sigh* it's mommy magnetisim.
I was reading your blog with my 3yo on my lap and she asked me to read this one aloud, when we were done she says "hey! I do that!" so obviously you have nailed it!
Toggle Commented Oct 21, 2011 on the pee dance at Crappy Pictures
WoW...just wow. My 3yo drew a picture of my bf with nipples and a "pregnant" belly...much to his dismay I posted it on my fb, it was just too funny not to share. I can't stop laughing at your story.
Oh this made me laugh hysterically!
I can totally picture my oldest coming up with something like that when she is older..too funny
I recently cut my hair from my the middle of my back to just under my chin. Right after getting it done my 3 1/2 year old tells me "mom! you're hair!" I ask her if she likes it "no, no you need to go cut it back long. It looks better long, you look more like me and not like Michael" (Michael is my bf) She is a little diva though because when I took off my acrylics she exclaimed "MOM you need to go get your nails painted long again. And NEVER EVER take them off again! Ok?" (we're in the bossy stage)
Herpes of the craft world lol favorite line from Demitri Martin... My cell phone is my #1 love to hate toy...lifesaver at long appointments, hate being asked for it EVERYTIME it's out or how often it goes missing, on silent of course. My daughter has actually thrown one away and happily admitted it after the trash was taken out and collected. I once fell asleep with it under my pillow, woke up with it under my pillow but found pictures of me asleep in my gallery which she proudly exclaimed "I sneaked in your room when you were sleeping, but I put the phone back like you said mommy!" Sigh!
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Oct 15, 2011