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Marilyn (@marlinex)
Woodland, CA
Self-proclaimed geek girl, early adopter, CA State gov employee, and social media experiment gone wrong
Interests: pitbulls, politics, baseball, social media, user experience, pop culture, geekdom, tv
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So lovely to see the spice drawer as I just listened to the podcast where you discussed moving the spices (twice!). You may inspire me to garden this season. I'm in California...I should have no excuse! Marilyn @marlinex on Twitter!
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Mar 15, 2010
Craig, Today I read a piece of citizen journalism in the Sacramento Press about a local duck pond in Sacramento. I immediately thought of this blog post. Even the smallest actions echoed in an article can mobilize the best intentions of people. Thank you for your post. Marilyn
Thanks Mel. Yeah, I am gonna tell them about the itching tomorrow. It seems better now. I did get a little cleaned up tonight so I feel a lot better. I would love to wash my hair -- maybe tomorrow I'll be up for it. I'm actually fine sleeping most of the day like I did today! Thanks for checking in :)
Toggle Commented May 11, 2009 on Day 2: Foggy at Hello Happy Pitbulls
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OMG, I loved your video! How cute. Xena's ears are so cute :) Thanks for reading and stay tuned. Never a dull moment.
Toggle Commented Apr 24, 2009 on Fifi & Me at Hello Happy Pitbulls
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Yup, going through this one more time. Hopefully it turns out as well as the first one! I'll keep you posted! Maybe I'll start blogging again some more!
Toggle Commented Apr 23, 2009 on I give up, fix me. at Hello Happy Pitbulls
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Aw, thanks Jeffrey! I'm glad you noticed! And I'm having a blast working with you!
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Well, social networking is really part of my job, as I am in the process of doing some discovery for use of social media for govt. I keep the personal use limited to just personal time, but I am perusing google reader, and various shared links, articles, etc. for work purposes. I'm finding my way with the separation,'s definitely a work in progress, but I'm feeling the progress :)
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Karl! Thanks for posting about your blog. I applaud you for having an inside blog on the outside, and for being a public agency (I guess the UC system would be considered that) to do so. I like the work you guys do over there. So what's this about your wife having a baby??? Congrats papa!
Toggle Commented Jun 29, 2008 on Ball Girl Goes Viral at Hello Happy Pitbulls
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