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The thing is, cats aren't predators by nature - it's a nurture thing. You need to adopt a kitten raised by a barn cat (or a streetwise momma cat) and she (females are always better hunters) will teach your lot how to slay the multitudes. . .I realize you already have many cats, so this might not be what you wanted to hear. Also, the the hunting kitty will lay waste to your songbird population as well. . .even if you keep them indoors, sadly. My little savages murdered an innocent pair of house wrens who tried to build their nest next to the bedroom air conditioner while we were away for a weekend.
I forgot my email address, it's Happy Hairball Awareness Day, everybody!
We have four shedders at home (not counting the birds who do shed feathers - I find them in the oddest places) The largest amount (by volume!) of found fur seems to come from the scruffy wiry-coated terrier mix, NOT the large, fluffy orange cat with the luxurious tail, OR the Pomeranian who is visibly balding. . .(the fourth is a sleek black cat who is obviously much too well-groomed to shed!) Love the fur sculptures!!!
I've been reading about some new drug (s?) that target a different neuroprocessor, glutamate. Seems it's a whole new approach to depression. Because I have relatives who, like you, do not do well on the prozac group (I think anxiety is the key) I am v v interested. Ask, as they say, your medical professional! Or google it. Kudos to you for the poverty-cooking challenge. I so know what you mean. It feels weirdly like channeling my mother, but with better cooking skills. . . HINT: the next time you have $20 buy some truffle oil. Add a VERY SMALL AMOUNT to, Oh, I don't know, anything? and stand back.
Nice to meet your cats. Have fun at BlogPaws.
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Apr 21, 2011