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I hope you are all feeling better soon! That is another great thing about homeschooling, letting the kids rest and not being behind when they return to class and having all this extra work to do. Don't ya just love that. :) I am interested in the Bible app you have. We recently got an Ipad and the app choices are limitless. Would you mind sharing a few of your favorites? My three boys are similar in age to your kiddos so I am sure they would like many of the same ones. Be well and praying good health over you and your family.
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What a fun idea Megan! We school year round but it is much lighter in the summer. We do math and phonics review (15 min. each tops) and then some fun center type activities, more game like and hands on, and our tea time where the kids read their books aloud. Of course I am always reading to them too which we all enjoy. We have lots of fun play dates, swimming and camps to look forward to also. This is just my way of helping keep the sanity in our lives, we all have an easier time starting back if we keep some type of loose schedule. Thanks for sharing your writing tubs, it looks like a great way to use up some of the things that we have on hand and spark a new interest at the same time!
Love this post Megan! I really relate to #6 and find that when things are going downhill the answer is usually that mama's attitude needs adjusting. Going outside can also do wonders! And I may just post #8 on my fridge because that is my ultimate goal too. The most valuable thing I learned this year is to keep it simple. With school, housework, outside activities, the more simple and low key the better. When I tried to add too much curriculum, check off too much on my to do list or plan too many outings everyone tends to meltdown including me. Less is more! Plus all that stuff distracts me from the real goal of just enjoying my boys. All they really want is more of me anyway! :)
Toggle Commented Jun 1, 2011 on Things I've Learned at Lifesong
What a great year you all had. I can totally relate since this was our first year homeschooling with a baby too. I loved reading this post and find such encouragement in your words about building your love relationships with your children and your motivation for homeschooling. I have lots of days where I would love to go to the mall instead of doing school too. A little Ann Taylor Loft shopping and all my stress would melt away right? :) I am anxious to post our wrap up of first grade too. Thanks for sharing.
Toggle Commented Jun 1, 2011 on So Long, Second Grade! at Lifesong
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Jun 1, 2011