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Hey she's no historian. You expect her to remember who was governor back then? Give the brainless lady a break.
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Well other tenors say they have gastric reflux problems too (Florez once admitted taking anti-acid pills as I recall), but they treat them and overcome them. I wonder why Rolando cannot do the same.
Toggle Commented Aug 21, 2010 on clown doctor heal thyself at Intermezzo
I fail to understand the widespread fad to stage operas in ways that contradict what they are about. It seems that destroying the visual experience is uber-cool. I would think this drives people away from going to see opera and into merely buying a CD and listening to it.
Tell us more about the performance. The first act of Die Walkure is about the transition from dark despair to light and joy, from a bleak winter storm to radiant Spring sunshine. From loneliness to love. Was this made clear in the staging, or was the latter some contradiction of what the opera is all about? And the singing? Who sang, and how did they do?
Toggle Commented Jul 29, 2010 on Thielemann's Bayreuth reign begins at Intermezzo
If I am not mistaken, Juanito is doing more recitals and fewer operas as he ages. It makes sense since recitals make you more money for the time spent.
Why not just take some time off rather than looking like this in public? Can't she manage without the money?
Toggle Commented Jul 24, 2010 on Diana Damrau is BIG in Munich at Intermezzo
I marvel at the fashion for outlandish stagings. There are stagings that add to the experiences of the opera. There can be stagings that are neutral with regard to the opera, but stagings that contradict, blatantly, the setting and the lyrics and the story damage the experience. This appears to contradict the setting and the lyrics, perhaps not quite as badly as some others, but badly enough to, for me, ruin the experience. I'd buy a CD and just listen. If I had to attend, I'd wear blinders and just listen.
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Jul 24, 2010