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Hanging out with the guys, eating pizza and watching the baseball game while our wives are out shopping for sex toys . . . Does Life Get Any Better Than This?
Toggle Commented Aug 31, 2007 on Tupperware With A Twist at Married Sex Blog
A side benefit for me of really taking care of my wife is to hear the stories from her of the reactions of her co-workers when she tells them what I've been doing. Usually, it's very positive, but this time I was a little offended. It kind of hacked me off that they would immediately assume that the only reason I would do that for my wife was because I wanted sex. Of course I wanted sex. But that wasn't why I did it. I was going to get it anyway.I just wanted my wife to be happy and relaxed. Does that usually make for better sex? Sure. How sad that these women's marriages are so poor that no gesture can be received with out suspicion.
I have to add a hearty "WOW" to my Hot Sexy Wife's "Oh, Yeah!" These really are a lot of fun. Not only do they provide some new opportunities for interesting positions, they can really spice up some tried and true favorites.
Toggle Commented Mar 27, 2007 on Liberator Ramp/Wedge Combo at Married Sex Blog
Well guys, I think I know what you're thinking. Heard it before, huh? Lemme tell you a little story - - There was a church that was looking for a new preacher. They had a young man come for a "try-out" one Sunday and he preached "the rafters off" so to speak. The liked him so much that they hired him on the spot. Word spread throughout the town of the new preacher's extrordinary oratory and the next Sunday the church was packed with people anticipating an amazing and inspiring new sermon. Much to the newly swelled congregation's dismay however, the young preacher preached exactly the same sermon as the week before. Well, they thought, it was a good sermon after all and with all the new people, it probably deserved to be heard again. But the next Sunday he preached the same sermon again, and again the Sunday after that. Well by now they decided that something strange was afoot. So they called the young preacher in and asked him why he kept preaching the same sermon. The young preacher replied, "As soon as you all start practicing what I'm teaching in this sermon, I'll come up with a new one!" Point is guys, the above works. So don't knock it until you try it. I know from personal experience that it works. Be consistent and be patient.
Toggle Commented Mar 23, 2007 on So You Want a Sexy Wife? at Married Sex Blog