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Thank you for this post, as it's addressed many confusing thoughts that I've had and heard about over the years, and trying to blame this or that, but I now see and agree that the problem is from within (each one of us). I've heard people wishing to change the service to make it more inviting or interesting but the thought that always comes to me is that if we were healing in church, as Mrs. Eddy expected that we should, through the study of the Bible Lesson and living it during the week, as was mentioned here, then no one would be thinking about changing the service in any way. It would be a non- issue. From time to time I pine for the "good old days" that I've read about in the biographies, but again, it's all up to us. How much time are we devoting to the practice? I like to think about the woman who started CS in Germany and how diligently she worked. She was young and had little experience but her teacher told her that she had love and obedience and could do it. At one point she was pacing the floor holding a candle in one hand and S&H in the other and crying as she was reading. I've never done that, or anything close to it. I think that I've done good to stop watching "America's Most Wanted" after reading in the lesson, "Go not in the way of the evil doer", and realizing that I was watching violence for entertainment under the guise of maybe helping the police find a criminal. That woman who went to Germany would never have accomplished a thing if she's sat on the couch eating ice cream while watching crime TV. I see much truth in the original post and am guilty of wanting physical comfort and convenience.
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Oct 22, 2011
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Oct 22, 2011