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Remarkable and inspiring post, John. Excited to read and share the full report!
Auren, I almost stopped reading at the title, but didn't and was glad to hear that intellectual diversity was the distinction being highlighted. When it comes to a spouse, I think engagement and curiosity are two other winning categories - though they could be included in your big picture.
Toggle Commented Nov 22, 2012 on The “Pretty Girl” Paradox at Summation
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I dig it, though it's hard to overlook the expectation from years of looking at Techmeme daily that the clusters are ranked by importance and the that the stream is the same content ranked by recency and linked to its respective location in the importance-ranked left bar. For anyone who hasn't spend years training themselves to have those expectations though, I think I can see what you're saying: clusters help show what's important, the stream captures everything else and sets the expectation that not everything is in a cluster? Generally speaking though, I really appreciate reading about the idea of visual design being used to offset exaggerated negative perceptions about quality from end users.
Cool, but the page says it's a month old! ;)
The data is not super accurate. Searches for Internet, for example, turn up a couple of books dated 100 years ago, etc. As an aggregate, though, I think the results look good. Agree it would be helpful to learn more about how data was selected etc.
Thanks Chris! It was a pretty interesting first session!
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