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"maybe these people have done a great deal of pro bono work" Dershowitz did a great deal of work on behalf of torture. He was everywhere in the media during the nefarious torture debates post 9/11. He even came to Canada to advocate 'torture warrants.' He seemed willing to be interviewed by anyone. I don't imagine he was paid much beyond travel expenses for all those interviews.
"Canadians have so aggressively conceptualized their military as peacekeeping specialists" This Canadian considered the invasion of Afghanistan to be a search and destroy for Osama bin Laden, al Qaeda and the ruling Taliban. I now consider this to be a failed mission. Maybe Americans consider their military to be so much in need of "support" that they are unable to find fault with its tactics. This is not the first 'friendly fire' by Americans in Afghanistan. I hope for a real re-construction of war-torn-poverty-stricken-lawless Afghanistan.
Toggle Commented Sep 5, 2006 on A Tragic Loss at Rantingprofs