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Did I win? LOL Just kidding! Roast beef & Potatoes for me!
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Your story about Desi Arnaz brought back some memories. When I first moved to MN in 1976, I had a strong Cuban/Jersey accent. Not sure which one was stronger and of course to the Midwesterner it was not difficult to notice I was not from these parts. They'd try to guess my ethnicity usually without asserting. But upon my mentioning Cuba, I'd always see a huge smile and people would ask me with all seriousness if I knew Ricky Ricardo followed by..."I thought all Cubans were black" I never understood why they'd ask me about Ricky and why they would think all Cubans were black. After all these years now I know why. Minnesotans must have thought Ricky was the only white person in Cuba, until I came along lol
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I miss my Dad too Marta, I miss my grandma's, grandfather (I only met one) I miss them all. Growing up in Minnesota away from my big Cuban family really makes me miss them every single day!
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Love your story Marta! And the visual, I love a clean home and so nice when hubbies help. It truly a demonstration of love. Wish you and your hubby a Happy Valentines! What is going on with your health Marta?
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Feb 14, 2011