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Terry Pratchett's Wee Free Men and the 3 books that follow beat Harry Potter & LOTR hands down.
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My Dad has been diagnosed with ALS. He's a sweet, intelligent, always-put-the-poor-first, God-can & does-intervene-in-my-life-because-of-Quantum kind of Catholic. I'm not exactly out to my family as an Athiest. I go to the Unitarian Church (sometimes) & allow my Dad to think of my ideas about religion as ditzy. The thing is, a couple years ago he self-published a book of poetry, wannabe Thomas Merton kind of poetry. There are intstructions at the beginning to his children & grandchildren about how to read 1 poem a day and then think about it. The point is clearly that sharing his personal experience of God is going to lead us back to the true faith. One of my sisters outright refused to read it. I've been putting him off with comments like "I read a couple & they're OK." Now it looks like I ought to read the whole thing & say something about it, darned if I know what. Of course I can see that my problem is trivial compared to his, but, well, as Pooh says, Help & Bother!
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Dec 7, 2010