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This is such a fascinating blog. There is always something interesting! Thank you.
That was it! I found it on Amazon. Thanks so much! And in keeping with the topic of this post, would you say it has a strong sillage? I don't put on much, so am not sure I can tell. And do you pronounce it sill-age with a short i, or as the French would?
Victoria, It's all eau de parfum, which if I recall correctly did not smell the same as the parfum. I've just got a little bit of the perfume left. I checked BG, NM, Saks 5th, Amazon, all have EDP. Am I mistaken about the difference between the EDP and P? Maybe I'll have to actually go to the Galleria to see the stock. Bummer. Thanks for the reply! Martha
Very interesting. I'll try to figure out what sort of sillage my perfumes have. On another note, do you know why it is impossible to find 1000 parfum? All I can find is shower gel, EDP, and occasionally the body lotion. I really prefer the parfum. Is Patou discontinuing it? Love your blog! Martha
I just found your blog, and I love it! I have a question about Rose Oud. The Saks 5th website only list Eau de Parfum, not Parfum. Were you writing about the parfum or eau de parfum? My favorite perfume is 1000, and the perfume and the eau de parfum are noticeably different. To me, anyway. Thanks! Martha
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Feb 7, 2011