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Mr Biya, Stop all this pond of jagons which you keep pouring to please the international community. You have used 24 years to destroy Cameroon beyond repairs. A country that used to be full of hope have been turned into a Country of utter poverty and lack of simple means of Subsistence. Yet Biya stands on the eve of youth day and in a dehumanising manner to clain he has got the interest of the youths at heart? Gone are those days when people were so blind and could be cajoled in to beleieving such irony because they are Coming from a devil in the guise of a president. Its a shame to see how many suffer in ravaging povery and how so few have billions in their pockets in a country blessed with abundant natural resources. Youths are graduating from school every day with no jobs opportunities yet a selfish dictator will come to the air and talk about the bullshit of new deal and how it has the youths at heart. Does Biya thinks he is joking with stupid peaople. I bet you mr President no Cameroonian is stupid, they are simply so selfish and wants to amass wealth for themselves by singing false praises top you. Even those close to you know you are bad for Cameroon. Remember all what you do today you will some day have to answer for it for posterity will judge you. Saddam Hussien was there in Iraq for 25 years thinking he was so invinsible yet when he fell it was such a great fall. Its not to late Mr president, you have the ability as well as means to bring Cameroon to the state in which you met when you came to power in 1982. This country belongs to us all so make it a better place for us all to live in. Mr Biya comes to Europe every day enjoy the facilities and structure found in europe yet he never thinks of trying to make his country in any way to look like that. How did God make such a man president who is just there to put the lives of 18million people in such shit and misery. Look at what happened in Buea University recently, yet he stands up and talk about youths being the leaders of tomorrow. I better stop before i run short of tears to cry because this level of lies and hypocracy is just beyong human belief. But remember all of you ruining Cameroon will have to answer one day. But may be bofre this day will come the situation must have worsened to the extent that people will not have any food to eat