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Ummm... Yeah... that's over its GVW by about 1000lbs LOL...
I hope everyone here realizes that the "government shutdown" only affected 17% of the government. That means 83% wasn't affected. Do you also realize the federal government effectively shuts down every weekend and on every holiday? GASP!
I hope all truck lovers get out and vote in 2012. This BS needs to stop now!
LMAO, so this minivan with a bed gets the same mileage as my 7400lb 3/4 ton 4x4 truck?
The real question is, WHY? Its like putting rims on a minivan...
@KNUXR1 I am betting you are right. I know for a fact the ram would have beat the chevy on the exhaust brake test.
Nice Toyfordota... if it doesnt have a small diesel in it, im not interested.
They probably rank as reliable because 99.99% of them never do any real work. (not that they could do much work).
Mexicans come into Arizona to buy stuff at yard sales and then truck it back to mexico to sell. You should see how they overload trucks and single axle trailers. You cant drive on I10 going through phoenix without seeing one. Its as bad as the middle east photos here but it will be a full size truck going 75 mph.
But still no drain plug? WTH? So it looks like the AFE cover is probably still the way to go. @George The spec is already 75w90.
Also, Any word on increasing ratings on the 2500 or 3500 SRW models?
Mike, Did you get any shots of the leaf springs in the back? I would be interested to see what they have done to increase the tow ratings. Any word on the GVW with the max tow package?
Ridgeline? are you kidding? That just proves that anyone who owns one doesnt really need a "truck" (really a mini-van with a bed)
So an engine with maybe only 400-500 hours has 13% leakdown? It’s still new... The whole equivalent miles thing kills me...
@Jon You are 100% correct. Thank you for posting that.
Great job GM! Now ditch the UAW and you can really shine!
Now all you need is a 1D body to hang off that lens :)
Any word on what the new GVWR will be?
Is it really that impressive considering this engine maybe has 400-500 hours on it? Thats maybe 16,000-18,000 miles. I will be impressed when it has 10,000 hours of actual use not this dyno crap. Actually scrap the whole test, give me a small diesel.
Vote conservative and start pushing for the EPA to loosen diesel emissions regs. The current regs where based on the junk science of global warming.
@Living Farmville, not Playing it You are spot on. We need a small diesel pickup in the US.
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Jan 10, 2011