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Laura Martin
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Oh I'd love to win this...I'm going back to work and need some lunch time reading material! (littlekahootz)
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Yes please. The only girl I can sew for is me these days so I could totally use this. UN: littlekahootz
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Organization (especially in my sewing room) is on my to do list this month. I definitely need a push. username: littlekahootz
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Oh I have so many things to sew up next. First up will probably be a couple of clothing pieces for friend's kids...then I need to delve into my stash and start sewing away! un: littlekahootz
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Awesome giveaway...I might finally be able to design my own fabric! username: littlekahootz
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Oh this book is on my xmas wishlist. I have a feeling that Santa will forget it though... Username: littlekahootz
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I think the only thing missing from my ginormous fabric stash is holiday fabric.
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I'm so sorry to hear about the troubles and hope for a better 2010 for you and Goodmama. I am yet another who was once a loyal customer but no longer. And it mostly had to do with the first round of SYOFs and not owning up to the mistakes that were made. Also not being consistent in offering partial refunds to people who paid well over retail for low snaps, really put a bad taste in my mouth. Some people were told to send in your diapers for store credit. Others were given a percentage refund in the form of store credit. I can't remember if it was 10% or 20% and I don't really care enough to go look anyways. I also have quite a few diapers with the snaps that don't snap all of the way but don't want the hassle of sending in the 5 or 6 diapers. I'm sure you've noticed your repair cost has gone down but I'd wager to bet it's because people don't want to hassle with sending them in and possibly not getting it back << yes this has happened to two people I know. And, could you please explain how you didn't profit at all from the SYOF diapers? Are you saying that the cost to manufacture approx 25 diapers was more than $840? (24 x $35 after the fabric sender got their free diaper). In many cases of the first SYOF, the coops bought all 25 diapers thereby removing your costs of shipping to 25 customers as well as selling them online. Anywho, as a token of my appreciation, I do have an idea for the exposed snap issues which probably won't be explained very well here. Feel free to email me if you want to know.
Toggle Commented Mar 11, 2010 on Press Conference! at goodmama
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Mar 11, 2010